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is in the right direction. My husband is a war veteran, and we understand it's difficult for very large organizations to change, in any way.

We did the same with samesex marriage, despite the cries from some that this would bring about the end of society as we know it.

In Canada, gays are accepted and fully involved in scouting, no ands, ifs or buts about it.

Actually, I think the Americans should look northward to get an idea of what Scouting is all about.

I don't know about you but I am happy that we are in the forefront of such a movement, rather than taking up the rear.

So why should gays be treated any differently than heterosexuals when it comes to Scouts?

"We accept boys and girls, we accept LGBT members, we accept people of all faiths," Galipeau said from Valhalla Centre, Alta.

This has become obvious with the increasing acceptance of same sex marriage, with 14 countries now either allowing it or having voted to allow it and others set to do so. the District of Columbia and nine states already allow it and another, Rhode Island, has just voted to go in that direction in August.

Converse Shoe Laces Length

The governing board last summer had reaffirmed its ban on openly gay Scouts and leaders but in February it announced it was revisiting the subject amid pressure from some board members, corporate sponsors and families, even though its polling showed deep division remained in the Scouting community.

Converse Shoe Laces Length

Converse Shoe Laces Length

Converse Shoe Laces Length

If it is the possibility Converse All Star Shoes Blue

Converse Shoe Laces Length

The co ed Scouts Canada which has no affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America clearly stipulates it "does not discriminate for reasons of gender, culture, religious belief or sexual orientation."

of sexual impropriety that has some people so concerned, well, gays certainly don't have a lock on that.

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But outside the inner circle, others involved in scouting said they would keep pushing for their point of view.

Converse Shoe Laces Length

After all, the world is changing, the old misconceptions of gays being discarded and replaced with a new understanding.

"While perspectives and opinions vary significantly, parents, adults in the Scouting community, and teens alike tend to agree that youth should not be denied the benefits of Scouting," the committee, headquartered in Texas, said in a statement.

Still, she said: "I'm encouraged because this Converse All Star Ox White Womens

As everyone now knows, nothing of the sort has occurred. You don't even hear anything about it in the news media in this country any more.

When I say that I am convinced that the Boy Scouts of America will eventually allow gay troop leaders, it is simply because I can't see it going any other way.

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Chad Griffin, president of Human Rights Campaign, a large gay rights advocacy group, said the resolution, while Converse Shoe Laces Length promising in its flexibility, "must go further" to allow gay Scout leaders.

Asked if Scouts Canada is concerned that people may associate the Canadian and American scouting organizations, Galipeau would only say that the recent events offered a chance to reiterate that Scouts Canada is "open and inclusive and always has been."

In 2001, the organization's social justice and diversity policy reaffirmed its stance on the issue of discrimination, Kaylee Galipeau, national youth commissioner and chair of the national youth network for Scouts Canada, recently told the CBC in the wake of Carly Rae Jepsen's cancellation of her Boy Scouts of America performance due to the group's exclusion of gays.

I am convinced the Boy Scouts of America will eventually allow openly gay people to become troop leaders. It is just going to take a little longer than it should for the organization to get there.

´╗┐Gay Boy Scouts leaders will happen

Converse Shoe Laces Length

Converse Shoe Laces Length

recommendation has displeased advocates on both sides of the issue, one group believing it doesn't go far enough and the other that even ending the ban on Scouts goes too far.

Converse Shoe Laces Length

"All along, I knew they'd try to split the baby on this. They have the risk of alienating everyone," said Cathy Stocker, a den leader of Cub Scout Pack 56 in Bethesda was quoted in the Washington Post.

It is a halfway measure at best.

"It's really just been an opportunity for us to remind people that we're still here, we're vibrant in Canada, we're growing and we are open to everyone."

The Scouts governing board recently came up with a recommendation that would end the organization's ban on openly gay Scouts but keep its prohibition on gay troop leaders. It will come before the full 1,400 member National Council for a vote at its annual meeting next month.

Converse Shoe Laces Length

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