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end, maybe there's room to do some business elsewhere or maybe we'll just be good friends or maybe nothing. It just wasn't the right fit for us at the time.

"Yes, I mean it's obvious your pie gets cut up more ways," Armes said. "That's an obvious thing from having more people in the band, but at the same time nobody is looking to get rich and buy a car tomorrow and sign off on this thing.

As Tyler Armes puts it, Down With Webster hardly gave Gene Simmons the kiss off.

Fast forward to 2008 when an appearance during Canadian Music Week caught the right Womens Converse Uk 6.5 eyes and ears, as did Down With Webster's winning the Rogers Mobile/Universal Music best unsigned Canadian artist the next year, which was Simmons's introduction. North American tours followed.

Womens Converse Uk 6.5

"But I think the people that Converse Usa Flag Shoes

And the way Armes sees it, the group's decision to go its own way will pay dividends, not the least of which will include garnering the respect of both Simmons and Timberland.

Up for two Junos this month, band members still scratch their heads about DWW's first such national recognition: a 2010 nod for new group of the year, even though the guys have been together practically before sprouting facial hair.

"Yes, I (don't) think that anybody gets as far as they have in their lives without tough decisions, and making some decisions in their own best interest," he added. "I think that they probably understood that it wasn't a knock on their character or their skills or (a lack of) respect we had for them. You have to respect other peoples' visions sometimes."

Down With Webster hasn't done badly staying true to its own vision. Its first official EP, Time to Win, Vol.1, released in 2009, produced three singles, all of which went platinum in Canada, and the album itself was certified gold. A second effort, Time to Win, Vol. 2, is expected to be released this year.

Does having so many mouths to feed, and oars in the musical water, ever get complicated?

are interested in us, and know us, know that that's definitely not the case.

"We only get to be nominated for best new group once, so even though we didn't win it, at least we got there."

"You know, I have a lot of respect for Gene, and obviously he's a great businessman and has great visions," said Armes, Down With Webster's bassist/keyboardist, in a recent interview from Toronto.

"I guess they use the word new in terms of being in the public eye or what not," Armes said. "The last year has definitely been Converse All Star Modern Low

Womens Converse Uk 6.5

Womens Converse Uk 6.5

Simmons wanted to take a page out of his Gene Simmons Family Jewels book, featuring the seven man band, not just as music performers, but as reality show stars.

Not bad for a band originally formed, in 1998, for a middle school talent show. A self made six track EP released in 2003 was sold primarly at shows.

It wasn't just Simmons who came a courting. Famed American record producer, singer and rapper Timberland also offered DWW a record deal with his label, Mosley Music Group.

"We were like, 'You know, we've been together since we were kids and we really are best friends. If anybody is kicking anybody out of the band, it's not going to be because someone is telling us to.'

But being in the limelight now isn't all that bad, especially given the appeal a group of mid twentysomething guys on stage can have to the opposite sex.

a different year for us in what we are doing day to day, but, you know, it's something we're proud of, being nominated for best new group.

It was more a bid by the Toronto rap/rock band to maintain independence when it turned down the legendary bassist's hot and heavy 2009 offer to sign with his newly minted label, Simmons Records.

"We had dinner a few times and, you know, he's very focused," Armes said. "But in the Womens Converse All Star Oxford Purple Trainers

And there's a lot of heads to scratch seven, to be precise.

Womens Converse Uk 6.5

"We are extremely protective of our band in a good way."

Armes said Down With Webster simply did not need such Sammi "Sweetheart" vs. Ronnie drama.

Indeed. Simmons very publicly pumped up the band, promising great things if Down With Webster signed on the dotted line.

"It's not that we are against the idea of a TV show, but you know a lot of these reality shows drive on controversy and I think he envisioned it being (about) problems, people drinking and people getting kicked out of the band.

"That's not how we pictured doing this. I'm not saying we're going to be 75 years old and rocking out on stage, but definitely all of us want to be playing music for our entire lives."

"We had a different vision than he was talking about."

Armes acknowledges the decision still causes tongues to wag.

Womens Converse Uk 6.5

But by that time, DWW had already signed with Universal Motown. ("One of my favorite labels growing up," Armes said.)

Womens Converse Uk 6.5

Womens Converse Uk 6.5

"But this band is our baby and you don't just hand your baby over to somebody else. There wasn't anything antagonizing about what he was saying to us."

Womens Converse Uk 6.5

Womens Converse Uk 6.5

Womens Converse Uk 6.5

´╗┐Gene Simmons's plan to port

Womens Converse Uk 6.5

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