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Butt works at a methadone clinic.

Part of the solution for Butt is a national opioid strategy that provides education to healthcare providers, Converse All Star 2 Low

There are already measures in Saskatchewan to curb prescription drug abuse.

Brand name Oxycontin was replaced by OxyNeo, a pill that is treated to make it difficult to grind into powder. In March, the province stopped funding the drug entirely, except for cancer patients.

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with generic drugs, the easily abused format could be back on the market.

´╗┐Generic form of oxycodone worries doctor

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Converse All Star Low Black Leather

"So that people have access to good assessments, good follow up and good treatment. It's Converse Top Sider

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Converse All Star Low Black Leather

not just about opioids. It's a broader approach to chronic pain management," said Butt.

The majority of oxycodone drug abusers are in their early 20s to their mid 30s, said Butt, adding many of them could have been saved from addiction had they been helped when they were at risk children.

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Oxycontin is one of the easiest to abuse because of its chemical makeup. The drug is part instant released and part slow release, said Butt.

The federal health minister says federal laws don't let regulators simply ban a drug because some people abuse the medication.

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Converse All Star Low Black Leather

The next step is to address the generic form of Oxycontin at a provincial level to determine whether it will be approved for coverage.

"People would crush it and snort it. They might chew the slow release tabs to get immediate release," Butt said.

"All the prescriptions that are written and processed in the pharmacy are put on a digital database. If there are patterns that are of concern, they get flagged and then they get a follow up with a physician," said Butt.

"Everyone that I see that is addicted to opiates with IV drug use is addicted to prescription opiates," he said.

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Converse All Star Low Black Leather

This would happen if a person is getting prescriptions from more than three doctors, for example.

Dr. Peter Butt, associate professor at the department of family medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, said he understands jurisdictional issues, but added that prescription drug abuse is bigger than the heroin problem in Canada.

A Saskatoon doctor is disappointed that the federal government is refusing to ban a generic form of Oxycontin.

practitioners and physicians.

Chronic pain in patients tends to be more problematic because opioids are being prescribed for long periods of time. Physicians and patients run into difficulty when the expectation is that the pain level will be brought back to zero. Butt said the aim should be dropping pain Converse All Star Low Black Leather levels by 30 per cent.

Converse All Star Low Black Leather

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