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Protestors from Intolerance Free Weybrun gathered outside the hall and stayed throughout the day, carrying signs that promoted love over hate, playing John Lennon's "Imagine" over a loudspeaker and cheering every time a passing car gave them Converse Collection

A panel discussion was held later in the day where those in attendance were allowed to ask questions. According to reports, things stayed relatively calm and everyone went home to their own opinions.

"I wanted to cry the whole time," Bailey Brooks said in an interview following LeBarbera's speech. "Love is love and everybody needs to feel love and belonging. It's such a basic human need."

"Fight to have it overturned. Don't concede that because that, to me, isn't a Converse All Star White Low Cut

Converse All Star Leather White Low

´╗┐gay lobbyist LaBarbera speaks in Weyburn

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But, after being detained at the border Friday, LeBarbera took the stage Saturday morning and delivered what most people expected: a speech that denounced homosexual unions as unnatural.

A group of people in Weyburn who have dubbed themselves Intolerance Free Weyburn have been against LeBarbera's presence at the conference from day one, and even asked the organizers of the event to cancel his appearance.

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real marriage," he said.

The Saskatchewan Pro Life Association's (SPLA) annual conference has been surrounded by controversy thanks to a decision to include Peter LeBarber as a speaker for the Converse All Star Leather White Low event. LeBarbera is the president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality and is known for his anti gay message.

"The problem is the left like this Intolerance Free Weyburn is defining hate by ideology," he said. "These are bully tactics on the left. And they need to be condemned and they need to be changed."

"Homosexuality cannot produce life. And so, in that sense, nature as designed by God discriminates against homosexual behaviour," he told the crowd of roughly 100 people.

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LeBarbera said those who support the "pro family" movement haven't done a good job of sticking up for their beliefs either and encouraged Canadians to continue fighting against gay marriage.

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What has been a tumultuous week in the small town of Weyburn culminated in a rather peaceful agreement to disagree on Saturday.

wouldn't give his last name was one of about 20 of those protestors holding a banner.

But LeBarbera maintains that he does not hate gay people, and said he disagrees with other anti gay groups that think homosexuals can't be "saved by God." He said the debate around homosexuality and gay marriage has been skewed by media in the pockets of the gay lobby and likened Intolerance Free Weyburn's attempts to deny his right to free speech to "bully tactics."

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Meanwhile, the co founder of Intolerance Free Weyburn sat at a table in the corner shaking her head.

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"I don't appreciate that kind of bigotry, that kind of prejudice and that kind of discrimination in our province," he said.

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