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I have to say I agree. And I speak as someone who could stand to lose a few pounds.

"I've always been a little big, ever since I can remember," one of the kids would say.

As a result, we have developed a strong sense of resolve and an unrivalled ability to make light of our current situation, as society continues to shun us, pushing us into ever smaller recesses away from the purer folk.

A view that is not controversial, however, is that exactly the same argument applies to overweight people and gastric bands.

Then the mother would jump in with: "We try to stop him eating unhealthy snacks, but there's nothing we can do."

Converse Mens Shoes

Converse Mens Shoes

It seems widely accepted, at least from conversations I have been a part of, that 'if you want to lose weight, just drop the Doritos and pick up a dumbbell'.

But again, I just enjoy pineapple pizza too much. And I don't look good in jogging shorts because of my fat thighs.

know it could well cause me to be shunned by my own people.

Smoking is, after all, a choice. If I were willing to put in the effort, I could quit, but I enjoy it too much. Stupid, I know, Converse Gray Chuck Taylor

But I have something I have to get off my chest (before it collapses), even though I Converse All Star Shoes Yellow

but that's the decision I've made for the time being, and I probably deserve whatever is coming to me as a result.

Converse Mens Shoes

There is no responsibility on the parents anymore to ensure the kid eats healthy food.

But for adults, at least, so long as it's about choice, that's all there is to it.

I've just polished off a lamb balti and a can of Coke. I Converse Mens Shoes fancy a cigarette.

In fact, I believe there is a real argument to be made that I should not receive taxpayer funded medical help at all in those circumstances.

Our people have gone through a terrible, terrible history, one permanently stained by countless horrible deaths.

followed youngsters battling the biscuits and trying to shed some weight.

British children are among the fattest in Europe and this generation could be the first to die before its parents.

Converse Mens Shoes

Perhaps I am being too harsh though. These were only kids, many in their early teens. Maybe we should all be allowed to make stupid mistakes when we're young.

Converse Mens Shoes

Converse Mens Shoes

It has been my considered view for some time now that, as a smoker, if I get lung or throat cancer one day, I should be relegated to the bottom of the NHS list for treatment, so that other, more virtuous, patients may be given priority.

I am talking, of course, about the smoking community.

Maybe it is the parents' fault.

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Here's an idea: don't buy them anymore. The kid's 13. If you don't stock Ben Jerry's in the freezer, he's not going to get it anywhere else.

Converse Mens Shoes

The cost of keeping each individual at the camp in Bradford for six weeks was around 5,000, while others who were dangerously obese were considering gastric band operations to shrink their stomachs, thereby doing the work for them.

Many parents themselves don know what good food is or how many calories kids should eat.

Converse Mens Shoes

Converse Mens Shoes

The stories were so similar to one another that at one point I thought my TV was playing up, repeating the same clip on a loop.

Good food doesnt always have to mean home cooked fresh products either, eating out can be fine as long as you make sensible choices and eat appropriate amounts.

Last night's Tonight programme on ITV, titled The Unhealthy Generation, Buy Converse Shoes Online Aus

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