Converse Top Sider Shoes

Converse Top Sider Shoes

As the only Native representative to the Canadian Lacrosse Association, he decided to raise the profile of First Nations players by writing a book on the country's national summer sport.

will receive all of the proceeds from sales of the book.

´╗┐Game became vital part of cultural identity

Converse Top Sider Shoes

Converse Top Sider Shoes

"I really wanted to finish the book," he said.

He hopes his book will change that, as it details the evolution of the sport, the inception of various lacrosse organizations, and profiles six Aboriginal communities that are deeply involved in the game.

AKWESASNE While Converse Top Sider Shoes Mike Mitchell was on hiatus from his passion of politics and community service, he turned his attention to another of his favourite things: lacrosse.

Converse Top Sider Shoes

He said he's thrilled to finally hold the finished product in his hands, with stories of major players as well as information about Akwesasne's Native North American Travelling College, which Converse Casual Boots

"It's not just a sport," he added. "It went way beyond that with us."

After Converse Dark Grey Fur

"But the average person doesn't know that much about it," said Mitchell.

Converse Top Sider Shoes

Converse Top Sider Shoes

In 2003, the current grand chief of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne was retired and "looking for something to do," he said.

"It's part of our culture and history," he said. "It has cultural and spiritual significance, especially for the Iroquois and Mohawk."

Converse Top Sider Shoes

He said the game was so important, many players wanted their lacrosse stick put in their casket with them when they died.

Mitchell returned to politics and was elected to the council, he said it was difficult to find time to finish his research and writing. He took another three years off before becoming grand chief in 2009.

"I traveled there and documented stories," he said. "I let them tell their story."

He said the game has changed a lot in the last Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Colour Shift Grey Leather Trainers

Mitchell crisscrossed Canada a few times visiting other Aboriginal communities and gathering information for the project.

Converse Top Sider Shoes

century, but also declined in popularity. The days of every small community supporting a lacrosse team are over. Many towns moved their players indoors because of weather conditions. A pro league formed.

Converse Top Sider Shoes

Converse Top Sider Shoes

Converse Top Sider Shoes

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