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Galway based innovation and business support company Invention Services has scored a major coup by being appointed European Strategic Partners for New Product Development to global Chinese tool manufacturer Great Star.

a leading international business like Great Star is not only a fantastic opportunity to develop new products and businesses, it is also Womens Converse Dainty White Leather

Invention Services is a consultancy established by father and son team Paul and Ollie Walsh. Paul is a engineer and inventor, while Ollie is a marketing and business planning expert. Previously they developed the Air Glide Golf trolley which was available in US/Canada via One World Golf, based in Canada, and now they have developed the RamRod which is being launched in the US this June and Europe in early 2013. They have also developed the Dual Bag, which is also a golf product. They have signed a global licensing deal with Golf Tech which is Europe largest distributor of Converse All Star Black Mono golf products.

´╗┐Galway company agrees 3m partnership with Chinese hand

Converse All Star Black Mono

In 2011, Invention Services put together a group of experienced professionals from a range of business disciplines to offer a one stop resource for businesses and individuals wishing to develop innovative products and services and get them to market.

channel for Irish and European innovators businesses and individuals to bring their products to market in partnership with global players and with the support of an experienced team of innovative professionals behind them. Li Feng, vice president from Hangzhou Great Star, said they were looking for a partner company with the vision and the expertise necessary to help them tap into and support the wealth of innovation and innovative thinking that exists in Europe.

a powerful endorsement of our company and its team.

Converse All Star Black Mono

Converse All Star Black Mono

the initial product, they have also helped us to forge links with innovators and businesses in Ireland and Europe that could provide a source of new and improved products for our global markets.

The continuing development of strong links between Irish and Chinese businesses has received a further boost with the announcement of a strategic partnership with a projected value of between Invention Services, a Galway based innovation and business supports company, and Asia biggest hand tool vendor Hangzhou Great Star Industrial Co Ltd.

are delighted to be partnering with such a significant player in the hand tools market. For a relatively new business like Invention Services, forming a partnership with an established and Converse All Star High Tops Black Leather

The partnership will see Invention Services provide new product ideas, business development and innovation support to Great Star as it seeks to add new and innovative products from European inventors to its product lines. Currently, Great Star products more than 30,000 products which are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide, and the company operates 14 factories and employs some 20,000 people.

Converse All Star Black Mono

Converse All Star Black Mono

believe that in partnership, Hangzhou Great Star and Invention Services will help European innovators to build strong businesses and to reach customers and sell products in global markets. the initial introduction of the RamRod, Invention Services has pitched two additional products, both of which are now being developed.

Converse All Star Black Mono

already have one product in development with Great Star for the tools market. This is the RamRod, which we have developed over the last five years. We licensed it to Great Star in 2011 and have been working with them to develop the product since. The RamRod was launched in the US last week at the National Hardware Exhibition in Las Vegas and will be in shops by September under the brand.

Converse All Star Black Mono

Converse All Star Black Mono

aim is to provide a Converse Canvas Shoes Buy Online

Services initially brought us the RamRod and we could see had global potential. In working with them on the development of this product, we found that they brought us more than just a product idea, they brought expertise in a number of fields.

Converse All Star Black Mono

Converse All Star Black Mono

Invention Services founder and senior partner Ollie Walsh commented:

Converse All Star Black Mono

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