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It is these struggles that make them far more relatable.

instantly hooked: four young housemates with superpowers valiantly protect the fictional city of Los Angles from super villains.

Written by Amy Berg and Mike Sizemore, Caper has a premise that had me Converse White Canvas Trainers

"Super" Stars In The MakingIn the premiere episode, we meet the four protagonists who are sly subversions of the most iconic superhero archetypes:

But being a comic book geek, I love the fact despite their fantastic powers, these characters must grapple with real world problems like finding employment and paying the rent.

Converse All Star Uk Size 5

A prime example is one scene in which Penny damages the group's only television set, frustrated over her ex receiving credit for her heroic deeds.

Converse All Star Uk Size 5

To overcome this challenge, whenever an episode calls for depictions of thrilling super heroics, Converse All Star Uk Size 5 the visuals transition to vibrant graphic illustrations.

A Tale Of Four Super FriendsCaper the web series is the latest project from Geek and Sundry, the popular online channel founded by geek queen Felicia Day.

Converse All Star Uk Size 5

Converse All Star Uk Size 5

Converse All Star Uk Size 5

Converse All Star Uk Size 5

Converse All Star Uk Size 5

Converse All Star Uk Size 5

Superhero battles scenes would be cost prohibitive to produce on a web series budget.

Dagr (Hartley Sawyer) an immortal royal Viking scion who is 12th in line for the throneAlexia (Beth Riesgraf) a hotheaded amazon princess recently returned from a walk on the dark sideLuke (Harry Shum, Jr.) the idealistic superman of the group Penny (Abby Miller) Converse All Star Dainty Ox

Converse All Star Uk Size 5

Looking at the cracked screen, another character quips "Nobody watches television anymore anyway. All the good stuff is online."Thrilling HeroicsThe show also features excellent cinematography, including an ingenious device for including action sequences.

a penniless (pun intended) genius who had to steal back her Black Converse Wedges Ebay

´╗┐Geek And Sundry's Caper The Web Series

The gorgeous graphic art gives Caper a unique visual style that also pays homage to its comic book roots.

high tech armor from her sleazy billionaire exThe main cast has great chemistry together, which is one of the hallmarks of the series.

Also very exciting is the slew of cameos by many fan favorite actors. Sorry, I can't say more due to spoilers, but definitely have an eagle eye when watching!

Converse All Star Uk Size 5

Caper also features a great script filled with wry, self referential jabs.

Converse All Star Uk Size 5

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