Converse White Dainty Nz

Converse White Dainty Nz

Rolls: The Cookie Jar. Fine, basic rolls. Place your order now.

Converse White Dainty Nz

My goal is simple: To build a glorious, and entirely effort free Thanksgiving dinner using only the products made by local restaurants and merchants. And I'm asking for your help.

But maybe if we assemble a full meal here, people might use it as a guide to supplement their own dinners, and maybe, just maybe, some lucky soul will try the whole thing.

Converse White Dainty Nz

Let me say, right out the gate, my wife would never actually let me do this. She loves to cook Thanksgiving dinner WAY to much to be usurped of the duty for the sake of this blog. So this is a theoretical practice.

´╗┐gathered Thanksgiving dinner

Converse White Dainty Nz

up one of your favorites? Let me know and help fill this menu out!!

Converse White Dainty Nz

Converse White Dainty Nz

As you can see, the main issue with this idea is finding the sides. Also, what traditional dishes am I missing? Does a local shop serve Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Colour Shift Grey Leather Trainers

Beverages: Other than the above mentioned whiskey, how about a little holiday cheer in a cup of the weird and delightful Tom and Jerry. You can find the mix around town, but I've only had it from Good Spirits Fine Wine Liquor. Warm your tummy!

are good birds.)

a bottle of whiskey for after dinner. Just saying.

Converse White Dainty Nz

Converse White Dainty Nz

Macaroni and Cheese: Look's Market. It's creamy and delicious. Plus, while you're there you can pick up Converse Beige Leather

Other Sweets: Your guests, in laws, family will surely be impressed with a plate of the macaroons from CH Patisserie. I brought a plate of these to a party recently and they were a huge hit.

So I'll start us out with some of the things I know to be available, and you all help me in the comments.

I'm really liking this idea, and while Megan won't let me try it for Thanksgiving, maybe we can do it for Christmas! (nudge, nudge)

Converse White Dainty Nz

Pie: This one is a no brainer, but you'll need to act fast. Queen City Bakery is the place to pick up your pies. Pumpkin, apple, etc., but I WILL be getting one of those Bourbon Pecan pies for sure.

Converse White Dainty Nz

The Turkey: Couple options here. Bob's Cafe is still taking orders for deep fried turkeys, though they are filling up fast. Fried turkey not your thing? How about a smoked turkey from Snortz Barbecue? They're taking orders for Thanksgiving Day too. (We also got our uncooked turkey from Look's this year. We've also bought from Cleaver's Converse White Dainty Nz in the past, and both Converse Children

Converse White Dainty Nz

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