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It was decided the pharmacy would be recreated in the Royal Parks carpenters' workshop, a Victorian building a short walk from Holly Lodge, using all Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada

finds out how the money will be spent

Work on the conversion began in 2007 but the centre needed further funds to complete the project and open it for public use.

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David Foster, the pharmacy's project leader, said he couldn't wait to get started. He said: "Now we can Converse Running Sneakers go full steam ahead with engaging the builders and fitters to complete the project."

Gannett grants handed out to charities From Richmond and Twickenham Times

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Cruising as far as Runnymede, Hook or Windsor Great Park, the project has a range of expeditions catering for all ages and abilities.

One such expedition is Accessing the Thames, tailored to give groups, such as the elderly or disabled, the opportunity to explore London's main waterway. Another is School on the River, which

"For example, children with learning disabilities will be able to explore the world of touch, smell and sight by selecting herbs and plants grown in Converse All Star High Tops Blue

Converse Running Sneakers

the Gannett Foundation to help fund the installation of solar panels. This week, she learned the application had been successful, and said: "I'm over the moon. It's

to call back and check," she said.

allows children to be taught in a "floating classroom".

Holly Lodge Centre manager Dr Pat Ealey could not believe it when she heard the charity's Victorian Pharmacy Project was to receive twice the sum it applied for from the Gannett Foundation. "I had

the donated materials.

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"Although the project is Victorian, we don't want it to be a static experience. We want it to be a living thing, where visitors can look, feel and learn.

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The Victorian pharmacy is closely linked with Holly Lodge's Mrs Sawyer's Kitchen, a recreation of an old Victorian farm building, and the Victorian kitchen garden.

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Converse Running Sneakers

our Victorian kitchen garden, harnessed in the

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treatment of certain ailments."

Mr Foster said he was confident the inter linked projects could continue to grow together.

Mr Foster said: "Our vision is to create a Victorian pharmacy where volunteers will be able to teach visitors in an exciting new way.

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This prompted her to apply to All Black Converse Womens 8

Activities range from photography to lessons as part of the national curriculum.

"The 10,000 grant makes the March 2010 completion date achievable," Mr Foster said.

It is the centre piece of the River Thames Boat Project, a charity whose main focus is to get people to discover the river.

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He said: "There is scope to do more.

like it?'" The donation included the Sheen Lane pharmacy's furniture, more than 400 artefacts and dispensing records.

Two charities have been awarded grants totalling more than 13,000 by the Gannett Foundation, the charitable arm of Newsquest, the company which owns the Richmond and Twickenham Times. Jess Parker

The project has become part of the Holly Lodge Centre's wider purpose; to provide people of all ages and abilities with hands on experience of Richmond Park.

In 2000, the owner of Stewart's Pharmacy, Alex Mulholland, donated its contents to the charity as he was set to retire. Dr Ealey recalls: "One day Alex walked in and said, 'I'm retiring would you

Along with offering education, project manager Miranda Jaggers has long been committed to making the Richmond Venturer more sustainable.

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