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Heck, you may want to dip a toe in the 20th.

Sure, Asheville is quirky and a little weird at times, but it's alive and welcoming. We've got lots of people coming here to spend their money, watch the drum circles and pause to hear buskers singing for their supper.

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a lot of liberal people and so forth. But Asheville is just doing a Converse All Star Black Leather Mono

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Where are my manners?

And, heaven forfend, we do have a sizable homosexual population.

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You know what? They're actually nice people real live human beings who just want to live, work and yes, possibly marry a lifelong spouse, in a beautiful, thriving city.

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Why some Republicans believe gay marriage is the harbinger of the end times is beyond me. Seems to me, heterosexuals have made a fine mess of the institution all by themselves 50 percent divorce rate, anyone? How about some child abuse and domestic violence?

lot of things that I don't like and I don't think a lot of people in the Asheville area like."

It's a great place to live, full of hard working, decent people, some of whom are actually gasp! "liberals." Even a lot of "liberals" I know thought the topless rally was an embarrassment, by the way.

People are people, senator, and they all deserve the right to pursue happiness. That's already in one of those well known historical documents our country uses as a guide star, you know.

Obviously I've spent so much time in the "cesspool of sin" that is Asheville, according to our friend state Sen. Jim Forrester, that I've forgotten to formally thank him.

I should mention that Forrester also led an eight year effort to push through the legislature a statewide vote on a proposed state constitutional ban on gay marriage. Gay marriage already isn't legal in North Carolina, but Forrester and others feel it's necessary to double up on the safety, I guess.

It's hard to believe that in 2011 this is the type of man who represents North Carolina. Besides inviting you to come spend some time in Asheville, senator, I'd also like to invite you to the 21st century.

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Come see our little mountain oasis for yourself, sir. Trust me, it's not like your neck of the woods, the Gastonia area.

´╗┐Gastonia's Forrester doubles down on trash talk against Asheville

in a previous column.

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You might actually find some people downtown in the middle of the day, and at night. Businesses Converse All Star Dainty White Leather are thriving, and we've become a model for downtown revitalization. Our vibrant dining and arts scene are renowned throughout the country. We've got so many festivals your head will spin. Heck, yours might explode at the sight of folks having fun.

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While Forrester, a Republican who represents the Gastonia area, isn't returning my phone calls, he did talk to Barry Smith of M2M Politics about his cutting remarks in reference to Asheville last week.

"They have a lot of homosexuals that live in the Asheville area," Forrester told M2M. "I think it used to be you think of Wilmington with all the movie people down there would be the worst place in the state or Chapel Hill, where they have Converse Rose Gold Collection

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The website said Forrester noted that Asheville has a lot of "very liberal people" and mentioned the recent rally in which women bared their breasts for the right to go topless. It's a right they already had, and the rally was absurd and trashy, as I mentioned Converse Kids Shoe

But back to Asheville, the cesspool the senator finds so offensive.

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