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He continued where they left off in the opening press conference, playing with a Rubik's cube while Froch spoke and his confident demeanour clearly angered the 36 year old, who pushed Groves as they posed for photographs.

"He's struggling to hold it together right now and I don't blame him. I understand why. He's in a fight that he can't possibly win."

Converse All Star 2 Ox

Converse All Star 2 Ox

Groves 'ready to get stuck in'Froch hints he will fight onGroves: 'I will be champion'Froch unsure over futureFroch v Groves IIGroves: Froch has my respectFroch gives credit to GrovesFroch Groves II The UndercardFroch halts Groves at WembleyFroch can continueFroch still the manStoppage delights DeGaleRed hot DeGale halts GonzalesMitchell battles back to winMcDonnell wants unificationStoppage Converse All Star Ox White Mens Trainers

at the same time I didn't like or dislike Carl.

Converse All Star 2 Ox

"I told him exactly how it was going to go down and then expected him to sit down at the end of the third round and say: 'you know what, he was bang on'. But he ended up sitting down at the end of the first round, saying 'what happened?'"

'Unprofessional'"If he has, that's unprofessional, but at the same time he's just shown that he's unprofessional because he just pushed me when we tried to do a head to head.

Froch has insisted he will control his emotions ahead of their second fight, but Groves feels this push was proof that he has Converse All Star 2 Ox gained the upper hand.

was inevitableMcDonnell crowned as WBA kingFroch battles big fight nervesGroves 'ready to rock'Froch/Groves inside limitFroch v Groves II: Weigh inGroves brands Froch a liarFroch: It could be one sidedFroch and Groves make weightKhan: Ward has tipped GrovesMcDonnell: DeGale will dazzleFroch v Groves II: Presser

"I don't like him, I don't dislike him," he said. "I'm emotionless towards him because we're going to fight. In the build up people said there was animosity and it came across that way, but Converse Womens White Shoes

´╗┐George Groves questions Carl Froch's mental state after he was shoved

Converse All Star 2 Ox

be plenty of bad blood between the pair, but Groves suggests he does not have any genuine ill feeling towards Froch and is merely engaging him in psychological warfare.

Converse All Star 2 Ox

Converse All Star 2 Ox

Converse All Star 2 Ox

"He took me seriously, because he got in good shape, but the things he was saying, weren't making sense.

Converse All Star 2 Ox

There appears to Converse All Star Shoes Buy Online

Converse All Star 2 Ox

Converse All Star 2 Ox

"I just had to be quite aggressive and quite forceful and quite to the point and blunt because I needed him to respect me, which he failed to do and take me seriously.

Converse All Star 2 Ox

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