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Approximately 500 students of various backgrounds currently fill the halls with about half of the school's population celebrating the Mohawk culture and traditions or from Cornwall's growing immigrant community.

"One of the highlights was of the Govener General coming over and opening up the schoool and that was quite interesting," said Normand (Rusty) Beauchesne, one of the first graduating students of General Vanier and the first French valedictorian (October 1970) who remembers the school well.

He remembered the teachers, the new tracks, sports teams and being the first senior class at the school.

from the overflowing halls of tCornwall Collegiate and Vocational School and St. Lawrence High School to accomodate about 1,500 Converse Black Womens students.

"General Vanier is a great school. It served the community for a number of years but the reality is that we don't have enough students to support having three high schools," said David McDonald, Cornwall trustee for the Upper Canada District School Board.

Converse Black Womens

Converse Black Womens

Converse Black Womens

The school continued to experience changes when in 2002 it was converted into an intermediate school, housing grades seven to 10.

´╗┐General Vanier has played 'huge role'

"Mr. Sampson (history teacher) and Madame Seguin (French teacher) brought out the potential in you and raised your expectations as to what you are able to do," Beauchesne said.

school was opened in 1967 Converse Womens Target

collegiate institute board visited several other new high school sites in Ontario with an architect and the designated principal (Rene Brisson).

Converse Black Womens

"Mr. Metivier (councillor) and Mr. Oxley too had a lot to do (with being successful), and he was quite a a character and made science fun."

"I think in the past 45 years, General Vanier has played a huge role for not only Cornwall but with Akwesasne as well," said Robert Currier, principal of General Vanier

Converse Black Womens

The "windowless" concept and design of the school was chosen after the Converse All Star Ox Leather

Converse Black Womens

With the adoption of a new school grade system for the 2011 September school semester, General Vanier will be closing its doors permenantly.

The advantages to the design included compactness, lower initial building costs, lower maintenance costs and improved climate control among other things. building where other classes were held.

Converse Black Womens

Converse Black Womens

"It was a difficult decision for me personally, having been a grad of the school. It's played an important role in our community at the time," McDonald said.

Converse Black Womens

In the fall, General Vanier will be closed and St. Lawrence Intermediate School will be transformed back into a fully functioning high school housing grades seven to 11 and grades seven to 12 by 2012.

CORNWALL Over the past four decades, General Vanier Intermediate School's has guided many students to graduation but all that will come to an end in the summer.

Beauchesne remembers the role that the faculty had on him.

"The whole atmosphere I think (was nice) because it was small groups there (in the senior grade). There was quite a camaraderie that we had that didn't exist in other schools because of the numbers," Beauchesne said.

Named after the governor general Georges Vanier, the Converse All Star Leather Ox Low Tan/Brown

"It was challenging for us to bring out the best of the school whether that be academically or on the sports field," he said.

Converse Black Womens

Converse Black Womens

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