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Beset by financing troubles, company officials now say they're planning for a 2015 open date for the $1.7 billion to $2 billion plant, assuming they secure the necessary funding.

"We've got to have something come in," he said. "It's always boom and bust around here."

One thing Korkow's sure about: The town could use a boost.

"Our gut feeling is, we don't want to have our streets full of 4,000 workers going up the hill," said Casner, misstating the number of workers but making his point. "We're not prepared for that."

"In no way, shape or form is Carbon County going to be the reason they don't succeed," he said.

Jones, the councilwoman, compared Converse Sale Womens Ebay

"It's been simplified, and it's not simple," Jones said. "Nothing's solid. It's pie in the sky and bounce all over."

Questions and doubts abound: Is there enough coal for the plant to operate for decades? What about the water? What about sage grouse in the project area? Converse All Star Ox Shoes Optical White Where will DKRW get enough water for the water intensive conversion methods the plant will use? And why year after year of delays?

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If workers fill up the town's vacant housing and lots, Elk Mountain would quickly grow by 45 percent, she said.

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opposing the project to opposing a war and then getting labeled an anti war protester.

There's some cheerfully nervous talk about whether those who have vocally questioned the project could get stoned when they visit Medicine Bow, a nearby town with ambitious plans to benefit from the plant's construction and operation.

Korkow is public works manager for Hanna, an old coal town along the railroad in southern Carbon County. But it's after hours, so he's enjoying a beer at Poulos' Nugget Bar under the rhythmic laughs of a comedy show on a television perched on the wall.

HANNA With a pointed finger and a laugh, Pat Ryan knows he has his man.

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Converse All Star Ox Shoes Optical White

"This is the man you want," he says to a visiting journalist, twisting on his seat and pointing down the bar to Larry Korkow.

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Weickum has vocally supported the project, and he estimates 97 percent of county residents in the county agree with him. To him, that's a mandate calling on Carbon County to do all it can to help DKRW build its plant.

The project would employ 2,215 workers while under construction and provide 415 jobs when it opens, DKRW officials told the Carbon County Commission in December.

In ElK Mountain, population 192, some residents wish county officials would ask tougher questions. A group gathers in Ken Casner's ElK Mountain Trading Co. to talk about the project and is quick to knock down the idea that the county is almost entirely supportive of the DKRW plant.

Late last year DKRW asked the state to approve $300 million in state industrial development bonds for the project, a request still under consideration. In January the Carbon County Commission signed off on the issuance of $245 million in tax exempt bonds that will be backed by the project.

In the meantime, he says, how do you prepare for something that isn't yet a sure thing?

The project sits on 200 acres only a few miles up County Road 3 from Elk Mountain and about a dozen miles south of Medicine Bow. It is adjacent to the Elk Mountain surface coal mine and the Saddleback Hills underground coal mine.

In Rawlins, the county seat, Terry Weickum is both positive and hopeful. The county commissioner says the coal to gasoline conversion plant Converse All Star Leather Ox Low Silver Metallic

Lately in Hanna and the surrounding area, it's been more bust than boom. It's been several years since the nearby coal mine was in operation and Houston based DKRW first said the plant would go into operation in 2008.

developments," said Bob Kelly, executive chairman of DRKW.

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"We should support ourselves," he said. "We can."

"It's a difficult process, but you know, it's not unlike other large industrial Converse Sale Australia

Converse All Star Ox Shoes Optical White

would be good for the county and the state, because the company would find a new way to use coal and bring jobs to the area.

"We're so desperate and so blind, when the dog and pony show rolls in, we go for it," said Sue Jones, board member of the county economic development corporation. She and husband Wiley Jones run Sunrise Sanitation Service in nearby Saratoga.

Janeen Jones, an Elk mountain councilwoman, said she's worried the town's small percentage of state granted impact fees won't be enough to ready the town for what could be a deluge of workers seeking a beer and a cooked meal.

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´╗┐gasoline project in Wyoming sparks hope

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"Until you know something's coming in, you got to put it on the back burner," he said. Census or "456 water connections," as Korkow puts it. Between 30 to 40 homes sit vacant, he says, but a local man has bought up some houses and an apartment building to prepare for the expected boom.

His job means he would be on the forefront of changes the dying town would need in order to host the workers and business likely to flood Hanna if a much delayed, multi billion dollar coal to gasoline plant is constructed only a few miles away.

The project will mean a lot of new people and economic development in Carbon County, and likely adjoining Albany County as well, if workers decide to commute from Laramie, Sue Jones said.

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