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"There's absolutely no doubt that justice was done and we live in a safer city because of the verdict," Crown prosecutor Robin Ritter said after the sentencing on Friday. "A very dangerous man is in jail and hopefully for a very long time."

For the attempted murder charge of Ristow, Justice Currie said consideration to deter this type of behaviour outweighs consideration for rehabilitation. Womens Converse White All Star Ox V Mono Trainers

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of Ristow, to be served concurrently with the life sentence.

George Mitchell Allgood has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his ex girlfriend Susan Reinhardt and 25 years for the attempted murder of David Ristow.

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Therefore he slapped a 25 year prison sentence for the attempted murder Converse All Star White Ox

The judge added the three years already served will be taken into account, meaning Allgood will wait 22 years before he can apply for parole.

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After hearing his sentence, Allgood asked Justice Currie what would happen if and when the DNA found at the scene ever matched another person.

Outside the Court of Queen's Bench, Cecile Adamson, a close friend of Reinhardt's said she was relieved to hear the sentence for Allgood.

"It was planned and deliberate. It happened in their home in their bed when they were helpless. He had the intent to kill Ristow. Now Ristow will live with the emotional scares for the rest of his life," Justice Currie said.

as the two slept.

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The Crown read witness impact statements aloud during the sentencing hearing. Reinhardt's mother wrote how she now suffers from insomnia, how she has lost trust in the other people and how she's lost her only child to this crime.

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Throughout the trial Allgood has been fixation on the fact that DNA and fibres found at the scene did not match him.

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Justice Grant Currie explained his reasons behind the sentence, Converse All Star Ash Grey Rose Gold saying a first degree murder charge carries a mandatory life sentence.

´╗┐George Allgood sentenced to life in prison for murder of ex

Allgood was found guilty on Monday, for the first degree murder or Reinhardt and the attempted murder of Ristow. The incident happened on July 15, 2006, when Allgood showed up at Reinhardt's home in the 800 block of Fourth Avenue North, firing a 12 gauge shotgun into the bedroom Converse All Star Ox

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She added Reinhardt warned her and her other friends about Allgood, adding she was always looking over her shoulder.

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"What happened is exactly what she always feared would happen, and I don't feel like I'm saying anything out of place by saying that because she mentioned it to so many people, if anything happens to me be sure to tell the police that it was him," Adamson said.

"I feel so bad for little Jayden (Reinhardt's eight year old son) he was a really sweet boy and I'm a little shaken right now because it's been so emotional and I'm so happy to see that justice has finally been done because it's been hard on us all," Adamson said.

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Ritter said Allgood will serve his sentence in Canada and if he survives the sentence or ever gets parole he will be immediately deported to the United States.

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