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Brackett said he wants to bring Indianapolis a first rate supper club that serves tender oyster stew, smoked chicken wings, quinoa Converse Online

´╗┐Gary Brackett wants eatery to be upscale

The football star spoke by phone Monday from the restaurant site, 3454 W. 86th St., where renovations are underway at the former home of an Outback Steakhouse in the Pyramid Place Shoppes.

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Shoes Converse All Star

"I felt we never had an upscale restaurant where you could go and still get the good, old home cooking that soul food provides you," he said.

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"But you learned a lot. We made the most of it. An honest day's pay for an honest day's work. I've never been afraid of hard work."

Brackett said Georgia Reese's will distinguish itself by presenting live music on weekends, including during Sunday brunch.

Brackett's restaurant experience includes his investment and partnership in two Stacked Pickle bar and grill locations in Central Indiana. He said he looked into chain restaurant possibilities before founding Georgia Reese's.

Table Bar, a start up soul food spot scheduled to open in August.

Bradley Phelps will serve as general manager for the restaurant, while Dwight Simmons will be the executive chef. Phelps' resume includes work at Harry Izzy's, Columbia Club and Hillcrest Country Club. Simmons owns Indy Star Chefs Culinary Services.

He considered the name of his older daughter, Gabrielle, but that moniker was deemed as "not quite Southern enough" by his wife, Ragan, and friends. Gary and Shoes Converse All Star Ragan also are parents to Gary Jr.

Brackett now finds himself on the other end of the restaurant spectrum. He's the owner of Georgia Reese's Southern Converse Boots Men

and sweet potato timbale and other Southern menu items.

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Shoes Converse All Star

Shoes Converse All Star

" 'Georgia Reese' definitely hits home and resonates with a lot of people," Gary said. "It obviously holds a special place in my heart."

Indianapolis currently is home to soul food restaurants such as Kountry Kitchen, Maxine's Chicken Waffles, His Place Eatery and Mississippi Belle.

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The restaurant's name is inspired by Brackett's 9 month old daughter, Georgia Reese Brackett.

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Shoes Converse All Star

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