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Converse Sneakers Shoes For Girls

'Garbo' played part from the shadows From Richmond and Twickenham Times

Converse Sneakers Shoes For Girls

"There is no doubt the work of Juan Pujol contributed to the success of the D Day landings," explains Laurie Millner, curator of the D Day exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.

To convincingly portray a Welsh fascist from Swansea and a Venezuelan living in Glasgow, he must have lived up to his moniker.

to pull the wool over the enemy's eyes. His acting skills were so good that he was given Converse Womens Black Leather

Victorian house in Oakleigh Road North, Whetstone, in 1941, allowing the Russians to gather news to broadcast back to their citizens.

employers that he was reporting top secret information from London, even though he was in Portugal with only an ordnance survey map, a Blue Guide To Britain' and military dictionary to hand.

Converse Sneakers Shoes For Girls

Converse Sneakers Shoes For Girls

in 1944, following a scare that he was going to be exposed as a British double agent. He eventually moved to start a new life of anonymity in Venezuela, where he lived happily until his death in

the nickname Garbo', a reference to the revered actress of the day, Greta Garbo.

were knocking on their door asking questions about their home. But there is no doubting that this nondescript suburban house is a small piece of wartime history that north London can be very proudIndeed it is not the only recorded incidence of wartime intelligence gathering in the borough. Churchill gave permission for the Soviet news agency Tass to set up a radio monitoring station' in a

A charismatic, flamboyant risk taker known to colleagues as the greatest actor to have ever lived', Mr Pujol's story has oft circled around Hollywood, with Kevin Spacey, John Travolta and Gerard

The name of Juan Pujol may not be as familiar as Winston Churchill or Dwight D Eisenhower but his impact on the most important battle Converse Sneakers Shoes For Girls of the Second World War is without question.

Indeed, it was with a certain audacity that Mr Pujol's message of acceptance of the Iron Cross offered his humble thanks' for such an honour, of which he was truly unworthy.' Mr Pujol left Britain

Germans did not know what he had been doing," says Mr Millner.

Outside the public record office, there is little to remember him by. The current tenants at 35 Crespigny Road have never heard the name of Juan Pujol and were a little put out that strange people

Born in Barcelona, Mr Pujol was a firm anti fascist who first offered his services to the British consulate in 1941 but was turned down as he was deemed surplus to requirements. This he did, claiming to his

"He was giving the Germans information which was false and full of errors. He was getting all his information from the most basic of sources and he managed to fool them," explains Mr Millner.

Converse Sneakers Shoes For Girls

ones you cannot see. The people behind the Converse All Star Womens Trainers

From a small room around the corner from Hendon Central Tube station, Mr Pujol worked as a double agent and, with his army of aliases, helped to ensure the D Day landings were a success.

scenes who quietly shape our futures without any widespread recognition of their influence.

Converse Sneakers Shoes For Girls

Mr Pujol was flown to England and he officially joined the Allied cause, continuing to feed misinformation in the varying guises of 27 informants' to the Nazis.

These fabrications resulted in the Germans redeploying their troops and allowing the Allied forces probably the most crucial victory of the war.

Converse Sneakers Shoes For Girls

Converse Sneakers Shoes For Girls

Sometimes the most influential people are the Converse All Star High Top Sneakers For Unisex Black

Converse Sneakers Shoes For Girls

1988, aged 76.

decoy, and the major assault would be further along the coast near Calais. He also told them that large numbers of the 6th US Division had been spotted in Suffolk.

Crespigny Road's own spy base could be the subject of a film soon, and Mr Pujol's story made in Hendon and built for Hollywood might finally be given the credence it deserves. Kevin Spacey as Juan

Yet his greatest performance came in the build up to June 6, 1944 forever remembered as D Day. He informed the top commanders of the Third Reich in advance that the Normandy landings were merely a

Converse Sneakers Shoes For Girls

Depardieu all pencilled in to star in his biopic at one point.

"It's quite incredible that Pujol was awarded both the Iron Cross German military honour although he never picked it up and the MBE in 1984 from the British for his efforts. Even after D Day, the

From his base at 35 Crespigny Road, Hendon, he would spin elaborate lies about the positioning of Allied troops, posing as characters such as a drunken RAF officer and a Communist hating linguist

"While obviously there were many, many people involved in its success, Pujol's work was very important indeed and cannot be ignored."

Converse Sneakers Shoes For Girls

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