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divides of the Middle East," says Danielle Pletka, vice president of foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute. "It's no longer the Muslims against the Jews. Now it's the extremists the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, and their backers Iran, Qatar and Turkey against Israel and the more moderate Muslims including Jordan, , and Saudi Arabia."

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan

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It's a "joint Arab Israeli war consisting of , Jordan, Saudi Arabia against other Arabs the Palestinians as represented by Hamas."

"Israel's ongoing battle against Hamas is part of a wider regional war on the Muslim Brotherhood," says the Soufan Group, which tracks global security. "Most Arab Converse Mens Ct All Star Asylum Ox White states share Israel's determination to finish the movement off once and for all, but they are unlikely to be successful."

Converse Mens Ct All Star Asylum Ox White

Converse Mens Ct All Star Asylum Ox White

Converse Mens Ct All Star Asylum Ox White

", Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE all see the destruction of Hamas as of benefit to their internal security as well as to regional stability."

Converse Mens Ct All Star Asylum Ox White

these countries have been directly supportive of the coup in because it removed elected Islamists and therefore discredited that model."

The new ian government has been "cracking down aggressively since it removed the brotherhood from power," Trager says.

"In you have a regime that came to power by toppling a Muslim Brotherhood government," says Trager. "It's therefore in an existential conflict with the Brotherhood. So it doesn't want to see Hamas, the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood, emerge stronger in a neighboring territory."

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Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood

also has another reason to stand against Hamas: rising violence and instability in Sinai, the northern part of that borders Israel and Gaza. Hamas' network of tunnels includes some in and out of used to smuggle goods include weapons for attacks on Israeli civilians.

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Saudi Arabia is "leading the charge," partly through backing the coup and financing state media reports that attacked the brotherhood, says Younes.

"This is unprecedented in the history of the Arab Israeli conflict," says CNN's Ali Younes, an analyst who has covered the region for decades. "Most Arab states are actively supporting Israel against the Palestinians and not even shy about it or doing it discreetly."

Countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE are "challenged by Islamists who come to power via the ballot box rather than through royal succession," says Trager. "So Converse New Arrival 2017

´╗┐Gaza fighting is 'proxy war' for the Mideast

"The Muslim Brotherhood is international, with affiliated groups in more than 70 countries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE," says Eric Trager of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

state," Younes says.

The Arab Spring showed the region that uprisings can lead to the Brotherhood gaining power. So it's a threat to the governments it opposes.

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To understand why and what all this means, we need to begin with understanding of Hamas.

"From the perspective of , Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE and some other Arab states, what the Israeli Prime Minister is doing is fighting this war against Hamas on their behalf so they can finish the last stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood," Younes says.

While Hamas' rocket attacks and Israel's military actions may look familiar, they're taking place against a whole new backdrop.

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One of the outcomes of the fighting will likely be "the end of the old Arab alliance system that has, even nominally, supported the Palestinians and their goal of establishing a Palestinian White Converse Mens Style

"Arab governments and official Arab media have all but adopted the Israeli view of who is a terrorist and who is not. in the international organizations on the definition of terrorism, and who is a terrorist or a 'freedom fighter.'"'s new President vowed during his campaign that he would finish off the Muslim Brotherhood. Abdel Fattah el Sisi, the former military chief, deposed 's first freely elected leader, President Mohamed Morsy of the Muslim Brotherhood, last year following mass protests against Morsy's rule.

The monarchies of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan have called on Hamas to accept the cease fire proposal as is.

Hamas, which has controlled the Palestinian government in Gaza for years, is an extension of the Muslim Brotherhood. To many Americans, the brotherhood is familiar for its central role in the power struggle for . But it's much larger than that.

"We condemn the Israeli aggression and we support the ian cease fire proposal," Jordan's King Abdullah said last week.

El Sisi was elected officially in June.

"It's a proxy war for control or dominance in the Middle East," says CNN's Fareed Zakaria.

"The Israel Hamas conflict has laid bare the new Womens Converse All Star Ox Iii Catwoman Dc Trainers

proposed a cease fire, and Israel quickly accepted it indicating that it contained the terms Israel was looking for, analysts say. Hamas rejected it. While has worked furiously to try to broker a truce in the past, Cairo this time shows little rush to change its proposal to one much more favorable to Hamas, analysts say.

El Sisi closed the border crossings between and Gaza, which has helped block Hamas militants from escaping or smuggling in more weapons during Israel's onslaught. But it also has contributed to the humanitarian crisis of people trapped in Gaza.

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