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if she were in worship of him. I kind of got the feeling that these kids were like robots."

Garrido gave them copies of his book he had written called "Origin of Schizophrenia Revealed." They had a hard time following his conversation.

They wore drab, monotone clothes and seemed programmed "almost like 'Little House on the Prairie' meets robots," says Ally Jacobs, a campus police officer.

"I asked my husband, 'Why is he living in tents?' And he said, 'Maybe that is how they like to live.'"

Finally, Jacobs says, Garrido grabbed his oldest daughter and said: "'I'm so proud of my girls. They don't know any curse words. We Converse All Star White Ebay raised them right. They don't know anything bad about the world.'"

Garrido, 58, and his Converse All Star High Tops Cheap

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By then, she says, "my police mode turned into my mother mode" and her suspicions were more than confirmed when a records check found that Garrido was a registered sex offender who had been convicted of rape and kidnapping more than 30 years ago.

Kidnapping suspect Phillip Garrido talks with his attorney, Susan Gellman after a hearing at the El Dorado County Court in Placerville, Calif., Friday, Feb. 26, 2010. Garrido and his wife, Nancy, are facing 29 charges of kidnap and rape in the abduction of Jaycee Dugard more than 18 years ago. In Friday hearing,Judge Douglas Phimister granted two phone calls between the Garridos and appointed lawyers to represent Dugard two children that she had with Garrido.(Photo: Rich Pedroncelli/AP)He arrived at the police office at the University of California, Berkeley, with two girls, ages 11 and 15. Two very alert women one the manager of special events, the other an officer immediately sensed something was wrong.

A call was made to Garrido's parole officer. He rambled nonsensically. He was dismissed as "kind of nutty." He said God spoke to him through a box.

But he revealed the girls were home schooled by his wife, with an assist from him. The girls said they had an older sister at home, 28 or 29, and that seemed strange, too, that she was even mentioned.

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54 year old wife, Nancy, were arrested last week in that kidnapping. On Friday, they appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to more than two dozen charges, including forcible abduction, rape and false imprisonment.

When Jacobs asked her about a bump near her eye, "she immediately replied with this very rehearsed response: 'It's a birth defect . I'll have it for the rest of my life.'

. She just wouldn't stop smiling."

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Converse All Star White Ebay

The older daughter, meanwhile, stared at the ceiling and looked at her father "in awe, as Converse Winter Boots Sale

´╗┐Garrido's odd behavior on Berkeley campus would unravel Dugard case

Garrido announced he wanted to hold a religious event on campus related to a group called God's Desire. He seemed weird and unstable. But it was the pale, blonde, blue eyed girls who really set off alarm bells.

When Jaycee resurfaced last week she called herself Allissa 18 years had passed. One daughter was 15, the other 11, the same age Jaycee was that day when she was heading to catch a school bus and instead was pulled screaming into a Ford Granada and driven here, 170 miles (273 kilometers) from home.

From her deck, she could she could see tarps, but the trees concealed much else. Doty says she could hear kids in the back but they sounded normal. She thought she could also hear a shower.

"I was a little taken aback. Converse All Star Hi All White Colorway

The younger girl "was staring directly at me," says Jacobs, the mother of two small boys. "It was almost like she was looking into my soul. . Her eyes were so penetrating."

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What looked like a messy campground with mattresses, small chairs, bikes, books, piles of toys, a trampoline, showers, an outhouse, swing set even a carved pumpkin was really a prison, of sorts.

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As shocking as that was, there was one more stunning revelation: Jaycee was now a 29 year old mother. She had given birth to two of her suspected abductor's children, two girls raised in isolation.

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