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"She wasn't herself. She couldn't wait to get out of the house," Woods told investigators.

Brown told police he was with Dorothy the evening of Nov. to watch a movie with her two children.

rope according to Sgt. David Hudson, the lead investigator on the case. He testified during the first degree Converse All Star High Tops Pink

"David, what do you think happened?," one of the officers asked, referring to Dorothy's whereabouts.

"My concern is she's not right right now," Woods can be heard telling police. When the officer asks what he means by "not right," Woods replies that he's worried about her "disregard for her kids."

tells an officer that he doesn't know where his wife is, but she may have "run off" with her new boyfriend. He also accuses Dorothy of cheating and lying.

Items believed to have belonged to Dorothy Woods were discovered in the family's garage during a police search conducted just days after she was reported missing.

Murder trial hears initial phone call between accused and police

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Converse All Star Alternative

"I think she's with some guy," Woods replied.

A separate investigation was being conducted by police after two men complained about receiving threatening, racist texts sent from Dorothy's phone, Hudson said. Police were interviewing one of the men, Derrick Brown, at the same time as Woods' interview. Hudson said Brown's story panned out, and he was no longer considered a suspect in Dorothy's disappearance.

On Nov. 18, 2011, Saskatoon police found a receipt for a hacksaw, a roll of poly plastic and Sneakers Converse All Star

A pair of women's jeans and underwear was found in a garbage can in the garage, and police found a black clutch containing Dorothy's driver's license and other identification inside a cabinet in the garage. In a garbage bin outside, police located a women's make up bag as well as paperwork from Dorothy's doctor.

Hudson said the receipt in the garage was dated Nov. 12, the day after Dorothy was last seen. Besides a hacksaw, he said other items discovered in the search included credit cards in Dorothy's name and $1,000 cash tucked into a locked tool box.

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´╗┐garage yields suspicious items

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Converse All Star Alternative

Woods also called police on Nov 10, a day before Dorothy was last seen, Hudson testified. In the recording heard at the trial, Woods tells police that he believes his wife may be drinking and driving and that he doesn't want her to come home.

Sgt. Hudson Converse All Star Alternative testified that one of the most significant parts of the interview was when Woods admitted to looking at his wife's phone without her permission. The accused talked about seeing texts from a strange man on Dorothy's phone a month before she went missing; after speaking with one of her friends he said "turns out she's screwing the guy."

A recorded phone call between Woods and police was played in court Wednesday morning. In it, Woods Converse All Star Black Leather Nz

Woods also mentioned he heard Dorothy had been spending time with another man named Derrick.

murder trial of David Woods, the Saskatoon man accused of killing his wife Dorothy and dumping her body south of Saskatoon near Blackstrap Lake.

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Woods made several references to his wife's infidelity throughout the nearly two hour interview. He said she had been acting strange for months, was sending text messages to other men and was constantly going to the bar.

"She's got a secret life; I don't know what it is."

After the call was played, Hudson told the court that it appeared Woods was more concerned with garnering information on "marriage break up" than finding out what happened to his wife. He said most people in that situation are extremely emotional, something he did not sense from Woods.

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He testified that Woods called police on Nov. 15 and said the last time he had seen Dorothy was the night of Nov. 11. Hudson said he found it odd that Woods waited four days to contact police.

Other information also emerged during Hudson's testimony, like how Dorothy filed a domestic complaint against her husband on Feb. 6. Woods was subsequently removed from their home for about a month, Hudson told the court.

But based on the information Woods gives police, the officer advises him that there's not much police can do because it doesn't appear that she is a missing person. Woods then proceeds to ask legal questions, such as whether or not he can change the locks on his home.

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Although Woods told police the last day he saw his wife was on Nov. 11, Hudson said text messages were sent from her phone on Nov. 12 and Nov. 15.

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Woods said he and Dorothy got into an argument earlier that day and his wife told him their marriage was over.

In fact, Woods told police he believed Dorothy might have been "hoarding" some money and had been planning to leave for some time. She would likely come home when the money ran out and when whatever man she was with got sick of her, Woods said during the interview.

Woods showed a lack of emotion when he reported his wife missing to police, according to Hudson.

During a video taped interview with police on Nov. 17, Woods confirmed that Dorothy's make up bag, purse, cell phone and possibly some clothes were gone on the morning she went missing. He also said her vehicle was in the garage, and that he assumed she had left with another man.

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