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Smith said that no matter what his critics say that he has always been honest.

Smith sat Converse Rubber down with 10TV's Andrea Cambern and discussed the events that occurred since December 2010, when it was revealed Ohio State's starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor and other members of the football team exchanged some of their memorabilia for tattoos.

"We are doing much better on how we handle our athletes, and how we help them, help themselves," Smith said.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said that he can look in the mirror every morning and know the decisions he's made are based on integrity.

"I can't say we're not Black Leather Converse Uk Ladies

Tressel's resignation was made public on May 30. Later that day, Smith shared a message on YouTube that announced Tressel's resignation.

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In March 2011, Smith and Ohio State President Gordon Gee took part in a news conference with coach Jim Tressel that announced the coach would serve a five game suspension to start the 2011 football season.

"I'd say, 'Call me. Let's chat,'" Smith said. "'You share your point of view and I'll share mine. We may come to the same spot. If we don't, let's respect one another and move on.'"

"It was painful to be booed by the people you feel you serve every single day," Smith said. "It's difficult particularly for my family my kids who live around this country and had to listen to certain things."

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´╗┐Gene Smith Thinks Future Is Bright At Ohio State

Winning championships are also on top of Smith's to do list, Cambern reported.

When asked if he is waiting for the next shoe to drop, Smith laughed and said, "Please, no more."

"We had the best year ever last year but because of our scandal Ladies Converse Boots Sale

When he arrived at Ohio State, the student athlete graduation rate was 62 percent. This year, more than 80 percent of them will earn degrees. There are now 548 Ohio State athletes who are considered "scholar athletes," with a 3.0 grade point average or above.

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According to Smith, Ohio State is in a better position now to head off problems in the future.

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Smith said that he would not be where he is today were it not for a decision his father made when he was a young boy. He was pulled out of public schools in a rough East Cleveland neighborhood and sent to an all male private school. The move helped Smith understand the importance of academics.

that constantly."

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"(The decision) gave me the opportunity to do more and so I'm passionate about it," Smith said.

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going to face something down the road, but I can say that we put up good firewalls, stronger education, but we're a lot better procedurally than we've ever been," Smith said.

situation no one noticed," Smith said. "We were No. 2 in the country in the Director's Cup and won multiple championships."

From his first day at Ohio State in 2005, Smith proclaimed academics were his priority and the most important part of the playbook for student athletes.

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Smith said he believes the future at Ohio State is bright and the painful chapter in Ohio State's storied history has put the university in a much stronger position to prevent problems down the road. Cambern asked Smith what he would say to his detractors.

It was later revealed that Tressel was tipped off about the tattoo scandal months before the university and Smith learned about the incident.

"I've always been forthright," Smith said. "When I've made mistakes, (I've) shared it with my supervisor. You get rewarded for accountability. You get respected because you man up, so to speak. And I do Womens Converse All Star Lo Platform Sneaker White

Gee, Smith and others were publicly criticized about how they handled the university's response to the scandal and many Ohio State fans shared their feelings about Smith at a January men's basketball game. Smith was booed when he introduced new football coach Urban Meyer to the crowd.

"It was painful," Smith said. "There (were) levels of trust that was lost between individuals and organizations."

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