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Protesters flocked Monday to the Elliot Lake Animal Shelter, where the chamber is located, hoping to raise awareness and stop such gassing.

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Converse All Star Uk Ladies

After stray animals are picked up, they can be held for up to four days at the shelter before being passed unto the Society for Animal Distress (S. A. D).

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Converse All Star Uk Ladies

Converse All Star Uk Ladies

Sewell, an Elliot Lake resident, said he sent out emails to friends hoping to drum up sup p ort and the reaction he received was "almost over whelming."

Audrey Austin agreed.

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here today not to blame anyone. I am here to say the animals are blameless and we must put to an end the animal gas chamber in Elliot Lake," said Austin, a dog owner who attended the rally.

A number of Elliot Lake residents are howling that city officials continue to destroy local animals in an Converse All Star Uk Ladies antiquated gas chamber. For protest and chamber photos click

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Sewell said many in the heavily senior populated city have expressed concern over who will take care of their pets should they outlive their owners.

The city contends money is the main factor.

"No question, it will be more expensive. I don't Converse All Star White Sale

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"People are worried what will happen to their pets when they're gone. No pet owner I talked to wants to have them go through the chamber," he said.

Chief building official Bruce Ewald said the current Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Shoes

Ewald added that if the city were to make the switch, taxpayers would have to dish out more bucks.

About 80 braved rain Monday to show support.

procedure only costs the city $17.75 per gassing, while an estimate he was given a few years ago pegged the cost of euthanasia at around $54 per animal.

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"I sent an email out to a few friends about the gas chamber and it has gone viral. I've gotten emails from all over the country and around the world," Sewell said, a 65 year old retiree who owns a two dogs and a pair of cats.

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Converse All Star Uk Ladies

know where the money would come from aside from taxation," Ewald said.

The story has spread so far and so fast, he has gotten supportive emails from as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom.

´╗┐Gas chamber for animals under fire in Elliot La

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