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If only a hedge will do, opt for shrubs that grow quickly, such as the notoriously vigorous leylandis, or try ready made hedges, which are much more expensive but provide instant impact. Hedges are better windbreaks than a solid barrier, although not as secure for children and pets. Hedges also filter noise from roads and neighbours, provide natural beauty, encourage wildlife, and tend to be longer lasting and more weather resistant than fences.

enough can be tricky. You'll need to prepare it well and build up the adhesive so all the tiles are level, otherwise they could easily crack.

Dilapidated fences really let an otherwise smart garden down, so make the effort to repair or replace broken ones. If you have to start from scratch, fence panels are the quickest option because each panel covers a large area, but closeboard fencing (also called featherboard or featheredge), where the fence is built up board by board, is more durable and bespoke.

Bare brick walls in a courtyard garden, for example, can look drab and boring, but a layer of paint will transform them in no time. Sandtex's Feature Wall range of masonry paint includes some pretty vibrant colours, but if you'd rather let the plants do the talking, one of the colours, Evening Shadow, is a sophisticated dark grey. At the very least, if you can't decide on a colour, painting courtyard walls white will make a big difference they'll be lighter, brighter and cheerier.

Converse Black Leather White Sole

as you get it, and it's more expensive than seed. Make sure you buy good quality turf raised from seed (rather than meadow turf) from a reputable supplier, and remember to order at least 5% more than you need.

Converse Black Leather White Sole

Finish off your fence with garden wood paint it's more attractive, and unique, than the simple brown wood stain. If you also have a wooden garden shed, be creative and paint it and the fence in coordinating colours, either something subtle and subdued, or (if you're feeling brave) bold and bright.

Good old fashioned paving slabs provide a more traditional look; bog standard slabs are a budget choice, while stone and concrete imitations of Classics Converse All Star Black Low Top Canvas Sneakers

Decking is warmer underfoot than paving and can be stained a chosen colour, as a contemporary alternative to a wood shade non slip decking stains are most practical. Decking is good for hiding eyesores like concrete and, if raised, can be used to level an impractical sloping or uneven garden. The big DIY chains have lots of outdoor offers at the moment B for example, has 20% off decking and paving so it's a good time to buy.

Rooms without coving or cornicing can be a sorry sight, especially in period properties. if you can't find any that's appropriate to your home's age and style though, how about a picture rail instead? A picture rail is similar to a dado rail, but higher up the wall (near the ceiling). Like cornicing, it prettily breaks up the join between the wall and ceiling and isn't hard to fit, as long as you get the joins between lengths right.

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Converse Black Leather White Sole

Converse Black Leather White Sole

Converse Black Leather White Sole

Converse Black Leather White Sole

For many of us, of course, a garden wouldn't be a garden without a lawn, but grass isn't the easiest thing to keep looking good. For repair and replacement, use grass seed or turf. Turf provides an instant lawn, but it needs to be laid (ideally in autumn, or spring) as soon Converse All Star High Tops White Leather

Converse Black Leather White Sole

Of course, a garden isn't much good without an entertaining area. For an inexpensive and quick fix, use gravel, pebbles or slate chips to cover unsightly concrete or paving. Tiles are a more attractive, practical and permanent solution (some floor tiles are suitable for exterior use, including slate and frost resistant ceramic ones), but getting the ground level Womens Converse All Star Ox Leather Trainers

Converse Black Leather White Sole

How to tip

Converse Black Leather White Sole

stone are nicer but cost more. To add interest to your patio, combine different sized slabs or tiles, or incorporate patterns like circles, which are available as kits.

Grass seed (best sown from Converse Black Leather White Sole late summer to mid autumn, or in mid spring) usually takes a couple of months to establish (it can't be walked on during this time) and is more vulnerable to the weather and birds than turf. For the best results, sow 10% more than is recommended and choose a type of seed suitable for your garden and lifestyle families with kids or pets, for example, need hard wearing varieties. New grass seed and turf require plenty of water at this time of year well, unless, of course, our lovely, warm spring vanishes and April lives up to its reputation for showers. However, it's what they don't contain that counts because, unlike many dishwasher tabs, they are free of phosphates. Phosphates are harmful to our waterways, but Ecover tabs use plant and mineral based ingredients that don't damage the environment.

These citrus fragranced tabs clean as well as conventional ones and are Good Housekeeping Institute Approved, which means they've passed the GHI's rigorous consumer quality tests. So if you want clean dishes, as well as a clean conscience, these are the dishwasher tablets for you.

Converse Black Leather White Sole

Converse Black Leather White Sole

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