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King says he created O craps! about a year ago, and he's just started marketing the game. He says he is focusing on casinos that are not in Alabama.

When King was Attorney General, he says he disagreed with then Governor Bob Riley on which electronic bingo games were legal.

think they are tired of the drama. I think they are tired of everyone looking at Alabama and saying what are these people doing. Is this the most important issue facing Alabama: if we going to play bingo?" says King.

"You would purchase bingo cards, and you use felt on the table which looks like a craps felt. You would be issued a bingo card, so let's say it corresponds to the number six. You would have all the numbers that the digits added up to six," he says.

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Converse Usa

King says it meets class II gaming requirements Converse All Star Leather Ox Women's

"Nobody I know has played bingo on a craps table," says King.

King criticizes current Attorney General Luther Strange for raiding VictoryLand in January, and says his opinion now is the same as it was then then: the bingo fight is wasting resources.

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´╗┐General Troy King Creates Bingo Game

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"A lot of people have said you've got a gambling table, so you must be compromised. I'm not compromised. I can read, and I know what the law says, and I know what is being done to people," says King.

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is legal to play in Alabama. He says he's uploaded the expert's findings to the game's website.

King says amendments to the state's constitution allows bingo machines in certain counties, and that Riley didn't take the amendments into consideration when he led his raids.

King says an expert has signed off on O craps! saying it is a class II gambling game and Converse All Star Shoes Womens

Former Attorney General Troy King was once a major player in the debate over electronic bingo. Now he says he's invented a new bingo game that he says is legal in Alabama.

meaning it is legal to play in Alabama, but says he would only place it in the Poarch Creek Indian casinos. That's because he says he doesn't trust Converse Usa the state.

"I have no confidence in the regulators of Alabama," he says. "That's a sad thing to say."

"I think people in Alabama are fed up with it. I think they are tired of the constant raids. I Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Black

Converse Usa

Converse Usa

Converse Usa

Converse Usa

Converse Usa

"I'll tell you what I told my good friend Bob Riley back then. Gatorade looks like anti freeze. You better be careful what you are drinking. The consequences can be very, very serious," he says.

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