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think of many other provincial laws that have that impact."

"The thing about health information, unlike freedom of information, most citizens are not going to make an access to information request and most citizens are never going to make a breach of privacy complaint. But we're all patients. We're patients, our spouses, our partners, our neighbours and our children we're all patients. Personal health information affects absolutely everybody that lives in this province. And I can't Converse All Star Womens High Top

Converse All Star High Tops

Converse All Star High Tops

"I take heart from this in 2005 we issued a report with a bunch of recommendations to the automobile injury appeal commission about not posting all this personal information Converse All Star Ox Leather Blue

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Converse All Star High Tops

Converse All Star High Tops

Dickson and his team have issued 94 reports on their website, and handed a lot of information to our government. But not all of his recommendations have been followed over the years and that is something Dickson said never really frustrated him.

Converse All Star High Tops

office like this does is offer the best advice you can to the people who have been elected to make decisions."

online and on the internet. It took them four or five years, but they ended up accepting all of our advice and recommendations."

"I feel a little Converse All Star High Tops bit like a one trick pony when you at ten annual reports and you'll find pretty much the same theme in every one of them."

"My job is to try and be objective and deliver the advice. Ten years ago when I took what I view as a dream job and I still view as a dream job, I recognized I didn't have order making power," Dickson told the media when releasing his final report. "What an independent Converse Rose Gold Collection

Dickson took up the position on November 1, 2003 as the first privacy commissioner in Saskatchewan and was reappointed in 2009 for another term.

´╗┐Gary Dickson leaves role as SK Information and Privacy Commissioner

Now at the end of this leg of his journey, Dickson is starting to look back at all that was accomplished and all that was overlooked.

Converse All Star High Tops

Dickson said he was surprised there was no prosecution in the 2011 dumpster case but he does point to reports that did bring about change, even if it took some time.

Dickson has done his share of making decisions serving as an MLA in Alberta for nearly ten years. In that time, Dickson helped develop Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Health Information Act.

The end of the month brings an end to Gary Dickson's term as Saskatchewan's Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Converse All Star High Tops

Converse All Star High Tops

Converse All Star High Tops

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