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Labour will run two candidates in Galway East Cllr Colm Keaveney and Lorraine Higgins. Cllr Keaveney is based in the Tuam area, while Ms Higgins Converse All Star For Girls 2018

Matters are not helped by the fact that both Converse Kids Boots

The economic collapse and the resulting pariah status for Fianna F over its incompetent handling of the State finances mean the party is likely to lose one of its seats here.

Nonetheless it is changed times indeed when Fine Gael target three seats and Fianna F adopt the railway strategy!

Galway East used to be the most boring of all constituencies, returning two Fianna F and two Fine Gael, without fail, at every election, but things look set to be very different in 2011.

The two most likely to be passed the poisoned chalice of a nomination to stand for Fianna F in Election 2011 are councillor Mary Hoade (to look after the northern section of the constituency ) and Gerry Finnerty (to look after the southern end ).

If Labour really wants to make a major electoral breakthrough, it must take seats in throughout Connaught/Ulster and Galway East is one of a number of crucial constituencies in this regard.

Fine Gael, on the other hand, knows it has a good chance of keeping its two seats. Last Sunday it selected Cllr Paul Connaughton jr and mayor of the county Jimmy McClearn. There is speculation that Sen Ciaran Cannon will be added as the party third candidate within the coming weeks.

The fact that Labour and Sinn F have a presence in Galway County Council, and that there has been a rise in the overall Centre Left/Left vote in what is seen as a traditional/conservative constituency, makes the chance of a Labour gain a possibility.

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However that seat could also go to an Independent. Disenchanted Fianna F voters, who dislike the idea of voting Labour or Fine Gael, could opt for Cllr Tim Broderick, who had strong associations with Fianna F in the past, or Cllr Sean Canney, brother in law of former Fianna F councillor and Independent TD Paddy McHugh.

FF Galway East TDs Michael Kitt and Noel Treacy are likely to retire, meaning there will be no stalwart to hold the fort. This will result in the party having Converse Girl Shoes Sale to send two first time General Election candidates to face an extremely angry and very hostile electorate.

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´╗┐Galway East battleground takes shape

Cllr Connaughton should be well placed to retain his father seat. The second FG seat will be a battle between McClearn and Cannon, as few believe that the party will take a third seat Converse Casual

The consensus so far on Galway East, among politicians, commentators, and political anoraks, is that the constituency will return two FG and one FF, with the last seat likely to go to Labour or an Independent.

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Converse Girl Shoes Sale

is based in Athenry. The plan appears to be for Cllr Keaveney to be the lead candidate, with Ms Higgins taking in Labour votes in the south of the constituency, transferring them to her running mate, to help get him over the line.

although it could come close.

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