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Converse All Star For Girls High Top

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Converse All Star For Girls High Top

Did NASCAR pay 42 to 50 drivers to let Earnhardt Jr. win the pole for the Daytona 500?

Converse All Star For Girls High Top

´╗┐Gene Chizik raise will increase cost to fire him

Converse All Star For Girls High Top

Alabama and Auburn both play cupcakes two or three times a year. That's just the way it is. But don't call in and say Auburn has an easier schedule than yours was, or is, or ever was. Just remember Georgia State. The first year they ever played football Bama played them. Y'all need to have a clue.

Alabama Converse All Star For Girls High Top fans, you think all is well because Saban was on the front page Sunday? Truth is, he was in Mobile giving a coaching clinic on Saturday. The newspaper is doing their job the coach was in town Saturday. Now brace yourself, if Gene Chizik was in town on Saturday, he, too, would be on the front page on Sunday.

Life is good. A picture of Saban on the front page and the front page of the sports section, and an article. This is great.

When you jump out to a 24 point football lead and then get beat by the Auburn men on your home field in Tuscaloser, you can always call in about the Alabama little gym girls. Still haven't gotten over that football game, have you?

Converse All Star For Girls High Top

Converse All Star For Girls High Top

I'm waiting for Auburn to announce Gene Chizik's big raise. You know he is going to be bumped up to $3 million or $4 million after winning the national championship, and probably rightfully so. But with the history of Auburn and coaches, this will become another interesting dilemma come 4 or 5 years down the road. When Auburn starts losing again and they will start losing again Chizik will be on the hot seat, and Auburn will be in the position to have to fire another coach and pay out a big payout to get rid of their coach again. Mark my word, it will come.

I'm reading all of Nick Saban's excuses as to why they lost three games last year unrealistic expectations, new starters, yadda, yadda, yadda. Gene Chizik should come out right now and say games we lose aren't our fault, expectations are unrealistic. You that think Saban is the greatest of all time, just explain this to me: In the 11th game of the year, how do you blow a 24 point lead at home? Explain that to me.

I don't even know why the Press Register allows you to speak some times. I'm just kidding. We don't act like that. You have every right as us Auburn fans. You aren't as educated, intelligent or quick witted, but that's just me being mean spirited, me turning into you guys. And we will never turn into the Alabama Crimson Tide. We just don't act like Converse All Star Hi Black Suede

Converse All Star For Girls High Top

Converse All Star For Girls High Top

Chizik will be financial burden

Well, we got a good conspiracy going on. Dale Earnhardt Jr. got on the pole for the Bud Shootout Saturday night. Of course, it was technically a random drawing, but is it really random? Today, it looks like he is going to be on the pole for the Daytona 500. That's just too much of a coincidence. Apparently NASCAR is doing something. Last year, Dale Earnhardt Jr. couldn't do nothing, now he is going to come back and be on the pole for the Daytona 500? Come on people, think about it.

you guys. Converse Trainers Sale Amazon

I guarantee you something Bama fans: Last year's Auburn schedule was tougher, more difficult than Alabama, and again I bet the 2011 schedule will be rated tougher than Alabama's. The only difference is Auburn fans don't stand around and whine about all the time like Bama fans do: They had an off day before me, waahhh, waahhh, waahhh.

Converse All Star For Girls High Top

The Man Cave on North Austin Street has taken down his football flags. Now he has up his NASCAR flags. I guess that means it is now time to boogedy, boogedy, boogedy. Let's go racing, boys.

Thank you, Press Register, for showing the good article on coach Saban. It sure was refreshing not to have to look at silly Cam Newton and hear about him talking about how great he is. He is a glory hog. When he gets to the pros, they will eat him alive.

But cupcake schedules, huh? Listen to your powerhouses here Kent State, North Texas, Vanderbilt, Georgia Southern. My goodness, you guys are going to have a rough time with those powerhouses.

(Auburn University/Todd Van Emst)

Alabama fans have to be the most ignorant, hypocritical fans there in the history of sports. To the person calling in wondering why Auburn won't give the state schools a chance, why don't you ask Mal Moore? No, you just come down on Auburn and completely ignore the fact that Alabama does the same thing.

In reference to the Bama fan that says Auburn needs to wake up after losing to Bama yet again in gymnastics. I'm awake and clearly understand that Bama is the better competitor when wearing leotards. It is a streak I'm willing to live with. See you at Jordan Hare Nov. Converse All Star 2 Grey

Auburn will never be like Bama

Converse All Star For Girls High Top

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