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The cast of Houdini Great Escape includes Rod Goodall, John Donnellan, Ciara Brady, Maeve McGrath, John O Ray Kelly, R N Thuma, Mark Dooley, Niamh Shiggins, Richard Walsh, Converse All Star Ox White Womens Trainers

Converse All Star White Sale

Converse All Star White Sale

Great Escape may well be unique in the world of television as it will be the first sitcom pilot funded completely by the local community, says Conor. city is the dominant character in the series, All Black Converse Womens 8

In Houdini Great Escape, Eoin Hancock, the hapless and beleaguered hero of Who Needs Enemies? I and II, treats himself to a well earned day off. However, his day is ruined when a cocaine filled goat comes crashing through his window, and he and his Houdini, Bottle, Raymo, Ten Spot, and Gonz have to keep the goat, and themselves, out of the reach of Detective Pat McCann, a local drugs squad officer who takes a special interest in the group.

The play was premiered in 2010 and last year saw a revival and the premiere of a sequel, and both Who Needs Enemies? I and II proved a hit with Galway theatre audiences. The show has now been adapted for screen and is the first television sitcom to be based in Galway.

series will be dark, twisted, and edgy, seeking to exploit Galway seedy underbelly for comedic effect by depicting the intertwined lives of an eclectic group of twisted local characters, says Conor Montague.

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However, it was not possible to make the show entirely free of charge and those behind the programme will be holding a Converse All Star White Sale fundraising drive to ensure those costs are met.

Converse All Star White Sale

Converse All Star White Sale

Converse All Star White Sale

Converse All Star White Sale

Joe Hrehorow of Treelight pictures and produced by Liam Harkin and Colm Higgins.

and Karen McConnell. It is directed by Converse All Star Platform Zip Hi White Sneakers

Conor also points out that the series was enough to secure the services of many talented people who were willing to waive their fees until Who Needs Enemies? secures a commission. Forty six people worked on Houdini Great Escape.

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and all of the other characters are shaped to varying degrees by the diversity and the interconnectedness of the town. That not to say that the people of Galway will be proud of our content, but we are confident that they will get a laugh out of it.

together by a common affiliation to Galway party scene, the concerns of this diverse group include cocaine smuggling, human trafficking, politics, prostitution, academia, and horticulture. says the complexity of the characters ensures ever mutating and unpredictable group dynamic that will render any situation, no matter how improbable, believable to the viewer

´╗┐Galway's first TV sit

The total cost of the production is and those involved in Houdini Great Escape have which, coupled with negotiating credit periods with a number of equipment suppliers, has enabled them to complete both the intensive eight day shoot for the programme and pre production. The remaining must be raised by February 24 and will go towards paying for equipment hire and completing post production.

Converse All Star White Sale

Converse All Star White Sale

IF recently on Shop Street, or anywhere in the city centre, you happened to see some guys chasing a goat, schoolboys staggering around drunk, or blood soaked men skulking up back alleys, fear not, Galway has not become the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

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