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"So then we have to pay, he said, 'No, it's your mistake.' So you just write down the numbers and stuff like that," she explained.

The bill is also called Jimmy's Law in respect to a Yorkton gas attendant who was shot and Converse Girls Kids

killed in the summer of 2011. The bill will die on the first day back to the legislature in the fall, however the NDP have promised to reserect the issue.

For the unamed gas station attendant who says she's on the line for any stolen gas, what helps her is when the station requires pre paid gas in the evening.

"Absolutely, that would be an unlawful deduction off an employee's paycheck," he commented, adding that there are many situations where employees are charged unlawfully.

gets the licence plate of a gas thief, then they won't be held responsible. But in this case the driver had a fake plate.

The idea to require pre paid gas in the evenings was in front of Saskatchewan's MLA's earlier this year when the NDP's David Forbes introduced a private members bill to help protect workers at night.

"We've had a broad range of deductions off wages all the way from, you know, an employee cracks up Converse All Star White 5.5

Ladies Converse Sale Size 7

A tragic death in Ontario is bringing to light an illegal practice happening in Saskatchewan.

Ladies Converse Sale Size 7

"Right off the bat it calls for a plan on how to deal with cash but for this, we're calling for pre paying for fuel that's sold during late night hours," Forbes explained. "But you know, so often these days people buy their gas pre paid we go up to the self serve and use the card right away. So that's the fundamental and there is a plan Ladies Converse Sale Size 7 in place for what to do when violent occurances happen."

"We've had gas and dash, I guess, if that's what you call it, we've had those kinds of circumstances where that's an unlawful deduction. You know breakage in a restaurant, taken off an employee's paycheck that's an unlawful deduction," he explained. "All those types of things are not lawful to come off an employee's wages."

Last Saturday, a gas station attendant in Toronto was struck and killed by a driver making off with stolen gas. It is widely believed that the 44 year old man was trying to stop the vehicle from pulling away from the pump without paying, because he would have been docked wages for the stolen gas by his bosses.

Glen McRorie is the director of compliance and investigations with the provincial Ministry of Labour. He confirmed that any gas station charging their employees when gas is stolen is breaking a law.

Ladies Converse Sale Size 7

Ladies Converse Sale Size 7

Ladies Converse Sale Size 7

Ladies Converse Sale Size 7

´╗┐Gas and dash putting employees out of cash

Ladies Converse Sale Size 7

This is not the rule at every gas station. Wes Curtis works at the Esso near Albert and Seventh Street. He says all he has to do in that situation is report the theft to the police.

Her boss's rule is that if an employee Converse All Star Black Leather Boots

Pre paid gas is also seen as a safety feature.

"If you do the mistake, you have to pay for the mistakes. Of course it is not our mistake, but still," she told CJME on Tuesday.

Ladies Converse Sale Size 7

Just this past week, a driver using fake plates drove off without paying in a 'gas and dash.' The woman only made $55 in wages that day, but owed her boss $99.84.

a vehicle and the employer would like to take the value of the insurance off or the cost to get the vehicle repaired," McRorie noted.

Ladies Converse Sale Size 7

Ladies Converse Sale Size 7

Ladies Converse Sale Size 7

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