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Reeve Ken Lamming and Coun. Ron Amadio voted to approve the application, and Councillors Ian Chambers and Amy Zuccato voted against approval. With Coun. David Yanni absent, the vote was a tie, which meant the application was Little, the township legal council from Wishart Law Firm, said the matter hinged Converse Shoes For Women Black

we have to determine here is whether there an unacceptable adverse impact on the surrounding properties, Hefferon said.

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Jay Savioe, Cavaliere next door neighbour, said the size of the garage would have no immediate impact on his property.

´╗┐Garage plan gets green light


Asked by Hefferon whether his neighbours opposed his application, Cavaliere replied that one did. think he thought I was going to use it for commercial (purposes), not just personal, he said.

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The Ontario Municipal Board has overruled a council decision that stalled a Base Line property owner plan to build an oversize garage in his rear yard.

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His concern was the ease with which large accessory buildings could be altered for commercial use.

Savoie said he also like to see the present township council tighten the rules for approving minor variances, because if everyone who applied was approved, the zoning bylaw would lose its bite altogether.

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it is appropriate for its location.

Among the conditions is the requirement that the garage be used for the storage of personal property only. If Cavaliere or any future owner of the property builds an illegal apartment or sets Converse Tan Sand up a business in the garage, the municipality can have all the modifications removed.

But Hefferon noted that minor variances come with conditions attached, and granted Cavaliere the appeal he sought.

What more important, he said, is whether a variance follows the intents and purposes of a municipality Official Plan and its zoning bylaw, whether it is desirable, and whether Converse Uk Size 6.5

In a hearing last week, OMB officer C. Hefferon ruled that Dominic Cavalieri may build a garage with a floor area of 150 square metres, some 30% larger than the 112 square metres permitted by Zoning Bylaw 77 7.

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Converse Tan Sand

not saying that what (Cavaliere) is going to do, but that what it turns into, said Savoie, adding that he seen several the wire businesses, such as a taxi service and a cleaning service, operating from accessory buildings on Base Line, contrary to Zoning Bylaw 77 7.

other day, somebody applying for a minor variance, whether it minor or major. They get zoning changes and whatnot, and Converse White Leather Basketball Shoes

Hefferon said Section 451 of the Planning Act contains four criteria for assessing minor variances, with the numeric component being the least important.

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is essentially the question here today for the parties to discuss, Little said.

Converse Tan Sand

Converse Tan Sand

Cavaliere told the hearing he wanted one large accessory building, 62 feet (about 19 metres) long, to house old vehicles and stuff. the March 12 council meeting, Cavaliere has built a home and a smaller garage on the 5.8 acre (2.4 ha.) lot, but he told the OMB hearing he still planned to build the larger garage if he won his appeal.

Converse Tan Sand

it just seems like the whole zoning bylaw is worthless, because everybody just does what they want anyway, Savoie said.

The OMB ruling reverses a March 12 decision by a committee of adjustment, composed of Prince Township councillors, to deny Cavaliere application for a minor variance to build the garage.

on how a minor variance is defined by Section 451 of the Planning Act. The two councillors who voted against Cavaliere application believed a 30% variance from what the zoning bylaw permitted could not be considered minor.

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