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It was a big thrill for a kid whose idols were Cornwall senior hockey players, especially the mighty Flyers who came close to winning the 1938 Allan Cup, the top amateur prize and the second most sought after prize in hockey, second to the Stanley Cup.

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In those days, Pitt Street curved around the station and became St. Andrew's Road, leading, as some would say, to God's country.

Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes Sale

"I'd sometimes climb up on the big rack of tires inside the station and sleep until my dad closed up," recalls Terry.

Cornwall Township was literally in the station's backyard. So were the old Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Low White

As far as Terry is concerned, his pop was a visionary who laid the groundwork for today's trend by the big oil companies to transform their stations into convenience outlets that make the customer pump the gas so they have to come inside Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes Sale the store to pay. It's a brilliant marketing ploy.

And if you had 20/20 vision, you could see the big sign with the company logo an Indian chief's head.

Gas station was ahead of its time

Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes Sale

Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes Sale

fairgrounds, around where the wartime housing development sits (Vimy, Dunkirk and Dieppe streeets).

time by about 60 years.

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So, Leonard Laperle built a little concession stand next to his McColl Frontenac Oil Co. station at the corner of Pitt and Ninth streets, right at the northern city limit in those days, not far from the CNR station and the station master's house.

Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes Sale

Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes Sale

Terry remembers how his dad's concession booth became a favourite haunt for Cornwall senior hockey players who would drop by for a burger and pop, and of course gasoline, selling for a few cents a gallon.

Leonard operated the station at Pitt and Ninth from 1931 to 1942. In 1949 Terry took over. He operated the station until 1955 when he moved downtown, taking over a new, ultra modern White Rose station at Fourth and Pitt streets across from city hall. He operated the station until 1957. It was the end of the Laperle era.

This was a time when the guy pumping gas wore a neat uniform and cap and . are you sitting down . checked the oil and cleaned the windshield, all with a smile. They'd even check the tire pressure and if need be, at no cost, add some Converse All Star Modern High Top Htm

If you looked straight up Pitt Street from Water Street on a clear day, the station was right smack in the middle, recalls his son Terry.

Leonard Laperle was ahead of his time . ahead of his Converse Shoes Sale Melbourne

"It was a real going concern," recalls Terry.

The elder Laperle sold pop, potato chips, ice cream and cigarettes out of the concession stand. And, the grand daddy of all cookies those big, fat Dad's Cookies that kickstarted taste buds when dipped in a cold glass of milk.

Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes Sale

The concession was nothing fancy, recalls Terry who has wonderful memories of working at the station as a youngster.

Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes Sale

A couple of years later Leonard expanded the little wooden concession stand that stood a few feet from the station. Hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries were added to the menu. Stools were set up at the expanded counter. It became a mecca for young and old.


Laperle was a Cornwall service station they also called them filling stations owner who back around the time of the Great Depression realized that there could be more to a gas station than pumping gas.

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The concession stand even had a slot machine (legal in those days) and a nickelodeon (rechristened a jukebox in the boomer era).

Customers knew him by his first name, or a nickname like Whitey, Smitty, Curly or Slim.

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