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into the fall and win.

Q: How did starting quarterback Jonathan Perry progress this spring?

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McGee: He's a smart kid. He understands football, he understands concepts. He doesn't just try to memorize plays and that's important. He's able to get in the huddle and command the huddle. I think he did a really good job learning, developing as a leader and developing as the quarterback on the team. I'm proud of him.

Q: Were there particular players that suprised you this spring?

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BIRMINGHAM, Alabama Garrick McGee talked about what he liked and didn't like from his team during his first spring practice as the UAB football coach. His comments came following the Green team's 43 8 win over the White in the UAB Spring Football Game.

Q: What have you seen out of the QBs this spring?

be a little bit higher but that's not bad. Our offense is complex, there is a lot that they are responsible for, Converse Suede Leather changing protections, changing runs and I think they did a good job with it. We got a long way to go but they're going to grind all summer. Our training camp, we'll install everything again at certain progressions and get to a point where they understand what we're doing on offense and the way we attack.

attitude. I think that our spring went well and we started to develop our plan, a way to go about our business, a way to work. I think we can develop into a good team.

McGee: I was surprised. When you read about a team that hasn't had a winning season in a while, you think you're going into a situation where you have to go and regroup and recruit players. But, once we got going, we got a lot of really good players on this team.

Q: Were you surprised with your team's talent level after seeing them on the field?

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Q: What do you need to see from your team before practice begins in August?

McGee: I think things went well. I'm really happy that our crowd and our fan base. I saw a lot of our faculty and staff and students on the field today. It's just important that everybody came out and supported our kids. I think our kids really appreciated it and I think we're starting to develop a fan base who wants to support our kids.

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(The Birmingham News/Hal Yeager)

McGee: More players surprises: I don't know anybody in particular but I think we got multiple defensive linemen that are big, athletic and fast. We have a deep linebacking corps, obviously led by Marvin. Our offensive line, Cody Payne moving from defensive tackle to offensive guard is definitely going to help us. We moved Connor Boyett inside to defensive tackle, I think that's a big advantage for us. Everybody knew we had quality receivers. I think we've got multiple running backs that are physical. I like low body, physical, low to the ground backs. I know we've got four of them, we may have more than that.

Q: What did you learn about your team this spring?

Q: What were you impressions of today's game?

McGee: I learned that they have a great attitude and they're really committed to doing well. They want to do things well. They want to learn how to play the game at a certain pace, a certain level. I also learned that we got a lot of good players on our team, that we have more good players than people realize. We got some good players.

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McGee: There is process. They have to dive into their academics for the next couple of weeks. We got finals coming up and we need to make sure everything finishes the right way. You got into the summer strength and conditioning program with Coach Chandler, our strength and conditioning coach, which will be critical that he develops a philosophy and mindset (and) gets everybody bigger and stronger. We have a nutrition plan for the offseason so our kids get bigger and stronger. Then it will be about the coaching staff planning training camp, making sure everything is organized. Making sure things are done right and we're working on the right things. That's what gets you in position to go Converse Shoes Buy Online Australia

Converse Suede Leather

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McGee: I think they did a good job today. I think most of them were in the 60 percent range. I wish it would Converse Sneakers Sale Australia

We definitely didn't do everything right but our kids played with a lot of energy, they played with a great Converse All Star Black Leather High Top

Converse Suede Leather

´╗┐Garrick McGee talks about the play of his UAB football team this spring

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