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Sounds like she has read this out from a crib sheet supplied by Labour crack snub policy unit who are hidden in some bunker somewhere. Its about as convincing as a packet of instant soup compared to a home made broth.

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Converse Black Womens 8.5

This is separate from inflation a point Mr McCartney doesn understand. If he believes that too many students are getting top grades, as Michael Gove does, then the answer to this if for less students to receive top grades each year not to move grade boundaries within a year.

through the year. think it disgraceful that Mr McCartney is choosing to defend patent injustice for students and parents in Lincoln and elsewhere.

I don think ALL politicians because to rebuild we must find trust in them somewhere but when they come on like this you just know it has nothing to do with anything than firing off a shot at the opposition. Ms Rigby is paid to sit in a city that she has never lived in before for one purpose and one alone to win the seat for Labour so they can look after their own and that isn the working classes. They just need the required amount of useful idiots to put them there so they can immediately shit on them from a great height as before. And a vote for Labour means Tony Bliar comes back. That should be enough to put anyone off voting Labour for a generation or two. The man is a war criminal and you just can trust Labour. All I know is that as a constituent very concerned about a particular issue Labour won even discuss, I have Converse All Star High-top Sneakers For Unisex

This point was made by Sally Coates, a headteacher who spoke at Conservative Party Conference last year, and wrote in the Financial Times: it is blatantly unfair to move the goalposts, without warning, midway Converse All Star Low Black Mono

September 26, 2012 at 3:58pm

September 26, 2012 at 2:47pm

simply political posturing from Ms Rigby who needs to gain a more mature political attitude rather than just attacking opponents because she wants the fat salary that being a member of parlt brings. Labour never again. Not even the Tories are as bad as the champagne socialists who care no more for the "poor" patronised poor than the Conservatives. If Labour gets into Lincoln, 25% of us will have no voice. The fact is, there is much that needs to change in this country and Labour certainly doesn have the solutions. Let not forget they brought us to our knees after 13 years of divisive "us and them" policies and I say this as a former traditional generational and lifelong adult Labour supporter.

must not be allowed to manipulate the press in this way and you should not allow them to use you because your duty must be to your reading public and not the Labour voting reader public.

Teachers estimate that in June, as many as 67,000 students missed out on a C grade in GCSE English because the grade boundaries in that one subject were arbitrarily moved Converse Black Womens 8.5 within the school year.

GCSE review is not fair on pupils

Steve Eyre:

Converse Black Womens 8.5

Converse Black Womens 8.5

So, if a child took the exam in June, and performed just as well as a child who achieved a C in that same exam in January, they will have ended up with a D (or lower). Many colleges require students to achieve a C in English, meaning hundreds of students, including in Lincoln, have not been able to start their courses or apprenticeships.

This is just plain unfair. Headteachers across the country have condemned it as such. The Welsh Government have ordered that the exam is remarked and many groups, including the Labour Party and various Tory Councils, called for this to happen in England too.

Lucy Rigby is Lincoln Labour parliamentary candidate for the next general election. In this column, she argues that Karl McCartney stance on changes to the current GCSE system is unfair on the pupils who narrowly missed out on the grades they needed.

September 26, 2012 at 3:53pm

I find it shocking that Mr McCartney used his first column on The Lincolnite to support the unpopular and widely criticised marking down of GCSE English students this summer.

Converse Black Womens 8.5

Converse Black Womens 8.5

Converse Black Womens 8.5

September 26, 2012 at 3:11pm

Converse Black Womens 8.5

found, despite not being a Tory voter, that Karl MvcCartney actually does listen to ALL of his constituents and does take up issues on their behalf. When Merron was in the only people she represented were those in her own Govt. Rigby will be the same.

and I have to say Lincolnite if you are giving her space in response to karl McCartney column then be fair what about UKIP, Lib Dems, TUSC? All of these parties will probably be standing next time. Why does Ms Rigby get special treatment? You should either feature all opposition in response or none. The public has a right to hear from all to help them make a proper informed decision before casting their vote. labour Converse All Star White Leather Low

Converse Black Womens 8.5

Converse Black Womens 8.5

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