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´╗┐Gentle returns to golf after a year away

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After a year away he felt was the right time to return. He did so with some Converse All Star Sneakers White

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his old teammates.

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He returned for his Junior season. That year the Bulldogs won the Transouth Conference title and returned to the National Tournament for the first time in 11 years. This year he makes the return trip to Nationals. No matter the finish in his final tournament, he knows that coming back was the right choice.

to Union as a Freshman to play golf, but took a break from the game he loves. He says it was the hardest decision he's ever made, but was made easier by head coach Andy Rushing.

"I meet guys on the team and kept relationships with seniors and one guy in particular," Gentle said. "That relationship lead me back to the team."

"After not swinging a club for 10 months I emailed him and said can I come back, " Gentle said. "It really felt like God was calling me back to the team just as much as off of it."

For Micah Gentle this year has been one of the best when it comes to his play on the golf course. He was named Union's Male Athlete of the Year along with making first team all conference. Now he travels with his team to the National Tournament. It's the final trip in a long golfing journey.

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"I played 4 years and came in as a freshman and didn't feel right anymore," Gentle said. "I didn't feel in the right spot and didn't love the game for the right reasons."

"God called me somewhere and he blesses what he calls," Gentle said. "It's been an incredible ride something I cant point to myself for but it's probably a benefit of the story."

"I talked to coach about it and he said doors always open," Gentle said. "I began to figure out a lot about myself and why I played to begin with."

All that was left was to see if that promise Converse Boots Leather coach Rushing made to him was still there.

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